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A Look Inside ‘The Keep’ Bar at LeVeque Tower

Lauren Sega Lauren Sega A Look Inside ‘The Keep’ Bar at LeVeque Tower
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When Hotel LeVeque opened last month, it brought a new purpose to the most prominent building in the Columbus skyline. The LeVeque Tower, built in 1927, had long been a place cut off from the city, reserved for those who worked in its offices. With its recent renovations, creating floors of hotel rooms, apartments, and, most importantly, a bar, Columbus residents have a whole new way to interact with their favorite building.

The Keep, the self-contained speakeasy within LeVeque Tower, is already a draw for the area’s event-goers. It combines elements from several time periods, its name coming from the medieval word for food and beverage storage, and its ambiance and soundtrack coming from the prohibition era in which the tower was erected.

“For so long, you weren’t even able to come into the building to look around,” said The Keep Chef, Jonathan Olsen. “But now it’s open to everybody, and we have people walking through constantly just wanting to see the building, wanting to see us, wanting to see The Keep, what we’ve done.”

For now its menus cover booze and small plates, offering an extensive wine, beer and liquor list as well as items like shrimp cocktail, lobster rolls, baked brie and country pate. This July, that’ll expand into a “French brasserie,” with Olsen featuring entrees from places with French-influenced cuisine, including Southeast Asia, North Africa and Louisiana. Using local ingredients, Olsen is aiming for “eclectic, but French.”

“Locals are really excited,” said Jamie Young, The Keep’s manager. “This building has been a staple for Columbus, and it’s kind of been reinvented and, you know, now we’re setting it up for new generations to have a new appreciation for it.”

For now, The Keep is open daily from 4 p.m. to 10 p.m., but Young said that timeframe is flexible, and they’re looking into extending their weekend hours to midnight.

For more information, visit thekeepcolumbus.com.

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