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A Kitchen Inspired by Mom

Tiffany Dixon Tiffany Dixon A Kitchen Inspired by MomHow are you celebrating Mom this year?
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For my birthday every year, my Mom makes me whatever it is I want. The year I turned thirteen I thought I was classy and for my birthday I wanted crab legs. To this day I’m not quite sure how I developed such a refined palette at such a young age. Despite having to work multiple jobs and scrape together cash to make ends meet, my mom made sure I got crab legs that year and whatever special meal my taste buds desired every birthday after that.

Moms have a tendency to make it happen, no matter what. That’s why Mother’s Day is so special. It’s our chance to do something special for the leading lady in our lives, no matter what.

In addition to ordering her a beautiful bouquet of flowers, I’ve pulled together a few of my favorite ideas to make Mom’s day super special. I hope they help inspire you!

If your mom is like mine and she has no desire for pink, frilly, or DIY you might end up greeting her after she spends the day cruising the open road on a motorcycle for a grill-out. She’ll eat the steak, I’ll munch on veggies and all that will matter is we’re hanging out together.

I’d love to know, how will you show your mama some love this Mother’s Day? Send me an email.

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