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 Lynsey Pipino, The Columbus Foundation
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A Big Day of Community for The Big Table—Thank You!

A Big Day of Community for The Big Table—Thank You!
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Shared by The Columbus Foundation:

To sum up The Big Table with a quote overheard yesterday: “Today is one of those days where you remember why you love being human.”

Your energy. Your passion. Your commitment to our community—and to one another—is simply incredible. Every single person who opted in to help create a strong and connected community are #TheBigTable’s champions. It was truly an outstanding display of kindness, community spirit, and progress. We send a heartfelt thank you to each and every one of YOU!

We were overwhelmed with the photos and experiences you shared. We created this Facebook album so we can all collectively keep enjoying The Big Table. Take a browse through the photos, tag your friends old & new, share the photos, and comment with what you took away from the conversation. Let’s keep listening, learning, and leading. After all, this day of community building doesn’t stop here!

View Big Table photos.

Photography by: Lynsey Pipino, Shellee Fisher Photography, Rick Buchanan Photography


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