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9 Things to Look Forward to in 2020

Walker Evans Walker Evans 9 Things to Look Forward to in 2020
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2019 was a big year for Columbus that saw the grand opening of new stores and restaurants, the launch of new festivals and events, and plenty of other big surprises we never could have predicted at the start of the year.

As we head into the start of a new decade in 2020, here are a handful of the things we know are on the horizon this year — each of which will grow the city in a unique way over the course of the next twelve months:

1. The Columbus Zoo Will Open Adventure Cove

2. The New North Market Will Open at Bridge Park

3. Easton Will Expand With Crimson Cup, PINS, 16-Bit & More

4. The Final Crew SC Season at Mapfre Stadium

5. The Skyline Will Change With 2 New Towers

6. The 2020 Election Will Take Place

7. More Details Will Emerge on The Rapid5 Project

8. New Restaurants Will Open, Including Galla Park, Preston’s, Townhall & More

9. The First Phase of The Quarry Trails Metro Park Will Open

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