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69 Urban Development Projects Under Construction in 2017

Brent Warren Brent Warren 69 Urban Development Projects Under Construction in 2017
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With so many projects proposed and announced in 2016, it’s no surprise that 2017 saw construction cranes sprout up all around the city. No street saw more action than High Street, though, which has been crowded with cranes from Downtown to the University District.

Below, you’ll find our roundup of the significant urban development projects that were under construction throughout the year.


The build-out of Neighborhood Launch continues, with work starting recently on the second phase of Sixth Street Mews.

Although the site has been cleared for a new 11-story mixed-use apartment building on South High, vertical construction hasn’t yet started.

Grant Hospital is adding on to one of its Downtown facilities and also building a six-story parking garage.

A 12-story hotel across from the convention center will have a rooftop bar.

The 231-unit mixed-use development at Gay and High is up to three stories.

A hard hat tour of the Municipal Light Plant last summer showed that construction will be ongoing for some time at the site.

Expect a grand opening next summer at the National Veterans Memorial & Museum.

Two historic buildings on High between Broad and Gay are being renovated.

After significant delays, work has started on the renovation of several buildings at the corner of Front and Long streets Downtown.

80 on the Commons continues to rise, as do the two LC apartment buildings down the street.

The Coleman Government Center is expected to open in early 2018.

Work started earlier this year on a nine-story building on Oak Street.

The second 12-story Parks Edge condo building is under construction in the Arena District, while the View on Grant rises on the north side of Downtown.

Short North

If you’ve traveled up or down High Street, it’s impossible to miss the sheer volume of construction activity in the Short North. The current list includes: a six-story building at Third & High, the new Stonewall Columbus offices, the Brunner, a nine-story office building, a 10-story hotel on the former Haiku site, another building on the former (and future) site of a UDF at the corner of East First and High street, and the Castle at the corner of West Second and High.

Just off of High, Hubbard Park Place has been topped off.

Lots of projects have started on North Fourth Street in Italian Village. The Christopher will bring condos and offices to the corridor, the first phase of the redevelopment of the Budd Dairy site is underway, and a major expansion of Seventh Son is going vertical.

Work continues on 25 Jeffrey Park and in the larger Jeffrey Park development.

Construction has started at the corner of Fifth and Summit, while Detroit Avenue is seeing new townhomes go up as well as an adaptive reuse of the EJ Thomas Company building.

University District

Cranes also have dominated the stretch of High north of Fifth Avenue in the University District. Construction began on the controversial View on Pavey Square. The Wilson at Lane and High has been topped out.

The Wellington Building will be done in 2018, while most of the progress on the larger 15th and High project was in the form of infrastructure improvements.

six-story building is rising at 1525 North High Street, and just down the street another six-story building is going up at Seventh and High.

Work also continued on a major project at the corner of Lane and Tuttle Park Place.

The second phase of Grant Park in Weinland Park calls for a total of 398 units north of East Fifth Avenue, between Grant Avenue and the railroad tracks, while a small apartment building is going up on East 11th Avenue.

Meanwhile, construction never really stops on the OSU campus.

South Side

Shipping containers seemed to be everywhere this year, including in this small project on Whittier Street.

Work continues on the East Public project on Parsons Avenue, and a plan to convert a former drive through into a fresh produce market moved forward.

163-unit development near the intersection of Parsons and Livingston began to take shape.

Also on Livingston, Nationwide Children’s Hospital continues to expand.


Work has progressed on the long-planned River and Rich development as well as on Gravity, the mixed-use project with a bold design on West Broad Street.

Work has also started on a  45-unit apartment building on West Town Street. A new roof was put on the historic Bellows School, and the owner has plans for a residential conversion.

Near East Side

Work continues on the 449-unit Legacy Pointe at Poindexter, while initial site work has started for the new Martin Luther King Branch of the Columbus Metropolitan Library.

Nationwide Children’s Hospital is building a new office building and parking garage in the neighborhood.

A 15-unit condominium project on Bryden aims to fit in with the surrounding architecture of the historic neighborhood.

Harrison West

Work has begun on the Superior Beverage site, now called River Crossing, and on a storage facility nearby.

More apartments are also going up on Michigan Avenue.


A major project is underway just north of Weiland’s Market, and work has started at the corner of North Broadway and High (not a major project).

Grandview Heights and Fifth by Northwest

A new apartment building on Norton Avenue is going up and new offices are under construction at Grandview Yard.

Other Neighborhoods

A construction kickoff event was recently held in Whitehall for a 20-acre mixed-use development at the intersection of East Broad Street and Hamilton Road.

Work just started in December on the new Dublin Library.

The Cargominiums project on Old Leonard Avenue has progressed after some delays, and the developer of that project is also building single family homes

Work started on 33 new homes in Milo-Grogan.

The new OhioHealth offices are rapidly rising off Olentangy River Road (but without a connecting bike bridge).

The large Hamilton Quarter development in the New Albany area is underway.

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