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65 City Council Applicants Whittled Down to 16

Walker Evans Walker Evans
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The original list of 65 applicants for the two recently vacated Columbus City Council seats has been whittled down to the top 16 after an extensive interview process.

The five sitting members of Council will be casting their votes on their final decisions at a public meeting at 5pm on Monday, January 12 at City Hall.

The 16 final candidates include: Michael Bivens, Marc Conte, Shawn Dingus, Steven Farrell, Adrian Frederick, Kimberly Gibson Catherine Girves, Troy Miller, Ellen Moore, Eileen Paley, Dave Paul, James Ragland, Karla Rothan, Jerry Saunders, Guadalupe Velasquez, and Mataryun “Mo” Wright.

Anyone care to make any final predictions on which two are going to be picked?

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