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5 Tips for Talking Money with Your Partner

Jaszmine Davis Jaszmine Davis 5 Tips for Talking Money with Your Partner
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You’ve probably heard the phrase “you never talk about religion or politics,” but did you know that money can fall into that category too? Whether you’re finding yourself in a new relationship or have been married for years, discussing finances is never an easy conversation. So how do you have “the talk” with your significant other without it ending up in a fight? Here are five great tips that will have you talking money the right way:

1. It’s all about the delivery. Bringing up money is way more stressful than talking about the weather; but, the outcome of the conversation can be based heavily on the delivery. If you want to discuss finances, start slow and be calm and casual. Start by talking about long-term goals and then gradually shift gears toward more sensitive topics like debt, assets and credit histories. Make sure to be understanding and supportive. This “talk” is healthy and will help build trust in your relationship.

2. Discuss a little bit of your finances every day. By talking money on a daily basis, you end up building a stronger line of communication with your partner. Money is a part of life, and it’s not worth it to let financial burdens fester and cause a riff in your household. By discussing finances daily, you avoid the big argument!

3. Talk about your values. Men and women tend to value money differently. The more you discuss your financial values, the less likely you’ll resent your partner in the instance they make a financial decision you don’t agree with.

4. Focus on your strengths. If you’re better at handling daily financial matters, then you should be the one in your relationship to do it! A good suggestion would be to divide and conquer your finances: appoint yourself in charge of bills and daily money maintenance, while your partner focuses on the financial future (i.e. long-term investments, stocks, bonds, and retirement).

5. Nobody likes a liar! 25-35 percent of Americans are guilty of financial infidelity, which can be a big reason for failed marriages. Always tell the truth when it comes to your finances. It’s better for you and your partner to be open about a money problem than for the relationship to be ruined by dishonesty.

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