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5 Stops for Gallery Hop – February 2013

Walker Evans Walker Evans 5 Stops for Gallery Hop – February 2013
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Welcome to February! Gallery Hop takes place this evening in The Short North, even though the temperature might only get up to 32 degrees today. Don’t let that deter you though. There’s plenty of ways to keep warm inside the galleries, restaurants, shops and bars. Here’s five good ways to keep warm today at Gallery Hop:

1. Check out the Sales at Winter Flea

The Winter Flea event takes place today from Noon to 6pm at Seventh Son Brewing in Italian Village (just a short walk from High Street over at 1101 North Fourth Street). Grab a beer and browse through the piles of vintage vinyl, thrift clothing, handmade jewelry, art and more!

2. Warm your Insides at Mouton

Mouton is featuring some hot cocktails today to help your body counterbalance the wind chill factor. You can join them at 954 North High from 4pm to 2am tonight.

3. Dine on English Breakfast at Tasi Cafe

If you’re in the mood for a little British cuisine, then you’ll want to swing by Tasi Cafe (680 Pearl Street), which is featuring Bubbles and Squeak as tonight’s special. A nice and heavy late night breakfast for dinner.

4. Rawk and Roll with Rivet

Get your blood flowing at Rivet (1200 North High Street) as they open up a new exhibition featuring rock-centric artwork from Clinton Reno, Will Ruocco, Jeremy Slagle and many others!

5. Go Elsewhere at ROY G BIV

A fire-centric exhibition opens tonight at the Roy G Biv gallery at 997 North High Street. Check out the work from artists Sara Drake and Dina Kelberman and chat with them during the reception from 7pm to 10pm.

What else are you looking forward to at Gallery Hop tonight?


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