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5 Must Have Video Games from the Steam Summer Sale

Cody Starcher Cody Starcher 5 Must Have Video Games from the Steam Summer Sale
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The time is upon us, The Coveted Steam Sale. For those who may not know, Steam is the largest gaming platform for PCs, and around July of every year they host the Steam Summer Sale — a massive discount on a majority of the Steam catalog of games. Whether you’re a hardcore gamer or a casual player, there is something in the sale for you.

I’ve chosen five of my favorite titles from the sale and I’m breaking them down for you, below. So check out some of my favorite games, then look for some of your own. And allow me to apologize to your wallet in advance…

Gunpoint ($2.49)


Ah, you never forgot your first time. In my first Steam Sale, I picked up this cool little game called Gunpoint because it had stealth and hacking, which sounded awesome. In this game, you are a “Freelance Spy” (according to the Game’s Description) who has the power to hack the electronics using your “Crosslink” tool. Using the Crosslink and a pistol, you are tasked with infiltrating various buildings and leaving with no witnesses, or survivors. The Crosslink is the star of the game, allowing you to link the various electronics of the building together creating, what I find to be hilarious, feats of achievement. Whether you’re linking a motion sensor to lock a guard into a room, busting through glass to tackle an approaching guard, or linking a light switch to a guard’s pistol, so when he tries to turn on the light you destroyed he shoots his friend, Gunpoint will not disappoint. And it’s less than three dollars… COME ON!

Tabletop Simulator ($9.99)


Did you have board game nights with your friends in High School? Or maybe the poker nights got cancelled when Rick moved to Seattle. Then Tabletop Simulator may be just the thing for you! The whole premise of Tabletop Simulator is to take the physics simulation genre — popularized by games such as Surgeon Simulator — and put it into a Board/Card/Tabletop Game Simulator. With different table setups for different games like Chess, Poker, and Chinese Checkers, and the ability to purchase or mod other games into Tabletop Simulator, the game could be a perfect solution for long distance Board Game Parties. The main reason why I love the idea of Tabletop Simulator however, is the modding support. Tabletop simulator celebrates creating new projects in the game, and it is great for paper prototyping and designing your own board games. Mod support also allows for things such as remote D&D sessions to be possible, with moving minis and custom dice! If you even slightly like Board Games, give Tabletop Simulator a look!

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes ($9.89)


Speaking of Board Game Parties, Keep Talking is a great party game! The basic premise of the game is one person looking at a bomb with multiple “panels” that serve as puzzles that must be solved in order to successfully defuse the bomb. The hook however, is another player (or multiple players) who isn’t allowed to look at the game’s screen, is reading a manual that contains the information to solve these puzzles. Players must work together and communicate, but the game quickly turns into screaming and laughing maniacally, which may be why I love it so much. Keep talking also supports Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, so that the Defuser can play in VR, adding even more fun and chaos into the mix. If you have any sort of VR device, you are doing yourself a disservice by not buying this game.

South Park: The Stick of Truth ($7.49)


Let me answer this one quickly for you. Do you like South Park? If no, please move on to my next entry, if yes, WHY HAVE YOU NOT BOUGHT THIS GAME YET?! Stick of Truth is one of my favorite games of all time. You are essentially playing a 12-hour long episode of the show, which is incredible. The game never grows old or tired, and I’m not sure I have ever laughed at a game so hard. It’s an incredible RPG-light that never forgets that it is a video game of a bunch of kids playing Game of Thrones. With its super hero themed sequel coming this December, now is the perfect time to give the original a try.

Undertale ($6.99)


Last but not least, we have 2015’s indie darling, Undertale. I’m not gonna lie to you, because of a botched stream attempt, I still have yet to play this game. Even still, I have never had to try and avoid spoilers more than I have for this game. From what I have heard, the game is smart, endearing, and may be the greatest use of RPG Maker in years. Not to mention, the soundtrack is INCREDIBLE! Toby Fox has created something special that most people think is worth more than the original asking price of $10, let alone the sale price.

So there we have it. Five great games that are each under $10 (Wow, happy accident!). Go give them a look, and then go buy a bunch of games and support some really cool ideas and games. Just don’t blame me for the hit your bank account may take…

For more information, visit store.steampowered.com.

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