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400 West Rich Grows Rapidly in First Year

Walker Evans Walker Evans 400 West Rich Grows Rapidly in First Year
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A little over a year ago we announced that 400 West Rich Street was being unveiled as a new artist studio workspace in the emerging Franklinton neighborhood, located just west of Downtown Columbus. Today around 60 artists, creatives and entrepreneurs call the space their home away from home with more tenants on the way.

“Demand has been overwhelming,” said Chris Sherman, Project Manager at 400 West Rich. “A sense of place has been developed within the immediate community and its fascinating to watch the neighborhood change organically.”

Michael Bush is one of the visual artists who rents space in the building. He said that what drew him there was the history of the neighborhood, the inspiration from the community and of course, the central location.

“I work Downtown, so it’s easy to pop over to the studio after work,” he explained. “I fell in love with the area during the first Go West  event and wanted to be a part of the neighborhood.”

Like Bush, many of the tenants at 400 West Rich are traditional artists and painters, but the diversity in disciplines within the building is growing. There are also sculptors, jewelry makers, illustrators, drag queens, architects and graphic designers.

“I was drawn to 400 for multiple reasons,” says Lisa McLymont, founder of creative design shop Very Ideal Design, which has their office located on the second floor of the building. “It’s raw and reminds me of the Buggyworks building, before it became condos. I always wanted a studio there and couldn’t afford it, but now I have something similar and I’m really loving it.”

In addition to the construction of more artist studio space, 400 West Rich will have a new gallery and event space finished by the end of May, and a “street food pod” called Dinin’ Hall, which will open up on April 30th.

Dinin' Hall at 400 West Rich Street

“This summer is gonna be pretty awesome,” said Sherman. “Local collaborations, big events and Dinin’ Hall are all going to be highlights for the coming season.”

If you’re interested in checking out the activity at 400 West Rich, then you’re in luck. The building is hosting a tenant show and open studio hours this evening from 5pm to 9pm. CLICK HERE for more information on tonight’s event.

More information can be found online at 400westrich.com.

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