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400 West Rich Brings Art Studios to Franklinton

Walker Evans Walker Evans 400 West Rich Brings Art Studios to Franklinton
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Over the past few years, Franklinton has frequently been pitched as a neighborhood that could become “the next Short North” through focused efforts on attracting artists and creatives to relocate into affordable spaces to live and work. That process has mostly been slow-going, but is about to take a giant leap forward with the official unveiling of the new 400 West Rich Street project.

Franklinton resident and freelance contractor Chris Sherman serves as the project manager at 400 West Rich Street and has spearheaded the effort to convert the old warehouse building into new work spaces for local artists.

“My hat collection has definitely grown,” said Sherman when describing his job title at 400 West Rich. “I’m managing and doing just about every aspect of this project. It’s been challenging for sure.”

As one of the founding members of the Franklinton Arts District, Sherman’s connections to the local arts community run fairly deep, which he hopes to leverage when it comes to attracting new tenants for the space. FAD has hosted the Urban Scrawl and Go West events, both of which focus on connecting the independent arts community to the Franklinton neighborhood.

“We’ve actually hosted a few events already at 400 West Rich,” explained Sherman. “We hosted Pecha Kucha last May and had a very successful evening.”

This community engagement through public events is something that is expected to continue.

“We anticipate having a good schedule of events in various locations within the building,” said Sherman. “Two events planned for this year are Urban Sculpt and Urban Scrawl 5, the latter of which will become a two-day event this year.”

The slow and steady progress in the rest of Franklinton keeps Sherman optimistic for the future.

Things are on the move this year in the neighborhood, he explained. Riverside Bradley closes on March 1st, the Main Street Bridge is now complete, and the Town Street Bridge will be coming online soon.

“Also, many new folks moving into the immediate area,” he added. “This summer should be exciting for sure.”

Additional information on this development can be found in TheMetropreneur.com article: “New Creative, Collaborative Space Forms in Franklinton“.

More information about 400 West Rich can be found online at 400WestRich.com.

All photography by Adam Slane.

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