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3 Ways You Can Benefit From a Financial Advisor

Jaszmine Davis Jaszmine Davis 3 Ways You Can Benefit From a Financial Advisor
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Suggesting that someone sit down with a financial advisor may be the best advice you ever give them. People are asked to make difficult monetary decisions every day, and having the financial know-how in their back pocket is a simple way to ensure they are making the right choices. Whether you are trying to pay off student loans or plan for retirement, here are three ways financial advisors can help your finances beyond managing investments:

1. They can offer credit help. In today’s world, many consumers are struggling with credit issues. A financial advisor has the tools and resources to help you allocate your cash flow, map out a budget and identify problem areas that can be affecting your credit. Advisors can help prioritize their client’s debt and provide them with a plan to consolidate and eventually pay off debts, including student loans.

2. They can prepare you for retirement. Beyond a traditional 401(k) provided by your employer, financial investment advisors can help structure your retirement plan to include other options such as a Roth and traditional IRAs. Based on your retirement goals, these advisors will sit with you and help implement a strategy that will set you up for success when the time comes to stop working.

3. They can give great advice on life insurance (and other insurances). If you’re in the market for life insurance, you should consider enlisting a financial advisor to help guide you through the process. They can take a look at all aspects of your finances to determine which life insurance policy you should purchase for the best personal protection. Financial planners can also advise on health, home and auto insurance that best fits your needs.

Whether you are trying to consolidate debt, buy a house, save for retirement or just get a better handle on your finances, Telhio is here to guide you every step of the way.

Learn more about Telhio by visiting telhio.org.

Telhio Credit Union is open to anyone who lives, works, worships or goes to school in Franklin, Fairfield, Delaware, Licking, Madison, Pickaway, Union, Hamilton, Warren, Butler and Preble counties. Founded in 1934, originally as the credit union for the Columbus Telephone Co., Telhio is a not-for-profit financial cooperative where its members are also its owners. Driven by its philosophy that members come first, Telhio is committed to the highest standards of responsibility and conduct. Telhio offers a variety of innovative programs, services and products to support its members’ financial needs. Telhio offers 10 branching offices throughout Central and Southwestern Ohio and nearly 4,000 shared branching locations nationwide. Federally insured by NCUA. Equal Housing Lender. NMLS #251831


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