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2021 Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Katie Sorokas Katie Sorokas 2021 Valentine’s Day Gift GuideCelebrate Valentine's Day with a gift that supports small businesses.
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Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. And this year will look a little different than last. With all that 2020 and the pandemic are, we could all use a little more love, kindness, and chocolate in our lives. If you are the person who loves to treat your galentine, valentine, pet, or yourself to a sweet (or meat) treat, something shiny, or simply fun, we’ve got you covered! With gifts ranging from delicious to gorgeous to practical, your Valentine’s Day shopping just got a whole lot easier – and local – with our Valentine’s Day Gift Guide.

Your purchase of each and any of these gifts supports a local business (sometimes more than one as these folks partnered up for some incredible gifts!). Many of these Columbus businesses are women-owned and/or owned by People of Color. Investing in these businesses is vital this year. These creative business owners are working hard to outlast this pandemic, so be sure to spend your hard-earned dollars in your town as often as possible. Investing in these businesses means investing love right into your community, and nothing says “I love you” like supporting a small business!

The Classics – With a Twist

The Sedona ($65) or Columbus ($105) bouquet from The Paper Daisy. Whether roses or succulents are your valentine’s love language, The Paper Daisy has you covered! Does the queen or king in your life need a floral crown? They’ve got that too! Available for contactless pickup or delivery.

Gifts from The Paper Daisy.
Gifts from The Paper Daisy.

Valentines Heart Bar 3 Piece Gift Set ($23) from MMELO Boutique Confection. MMELO’s chocolates are simply too gorgeous to mention once. This gorgeous gift set includes a variety of their hand-painted, decadent Valentine Heart Bars ready to be gifted to a special person (or yourself). Who knew chocolate could be so pretty?

gifts from MMELO Boutique Confection
Gifts from MMELO Boutique Confection.

Bae + MMELO Gift Bundle ($28) from Land-Grant Brewing and MMELO Boutique Confections. A giftwrapped bottle of Land Grant’s limited edition Bae Chocolate Imperial Porter with Raspberry, Vanilla, and Lactose is paired with a MMELO Blackcurrent Vegan White Chocolate Strawberry Bar with edible flowers and two heart-cut marshmallows. Whether for yourself or your sweetie, this limited duo is pure indulgence.

Land-Grant Brewing and MMELO Boutique Confections partner up for this Valentine's Day gift idea.
Land-Grant Brewing and MMELO Boutique Confections partner up for this Valentine’s Day gift idea.

Valentine’s Day Pack ($15) from Boozy Bakes, a home-based Columbus bakery. A collaboration with Berried N’ Business, these unique and gorgeous strawberry & cream cupcakes are topped with a chocolate-covered strawberry and will please all the loves in your life. Available in boozy and non-boozy flavors, be sure to order by February 10th for delivery on February 14th!

Strawberry & cream cupcakes from Boozy Bakes and
Strawberry & cream cupcakes from Boozy Bakes and Berried N’ Business.

Valentine’s Day Donuts ($15) from Donna’s Delicious Dozen. Start Valentine’s Day right with a delicious mix of donuts from Donna’s Delicious Dozen! Featuring 2 Strawberry Dream donuts, 2 heart-shaped donut cake pops (yum!), and 2 classic vanilla and chocolate iced donuts, everyone will be happy. And if you are one of those folks who need to go into an office during the pandemic, be an office hero and treat your coworkers to a fun treat!

Valentine's Day Gift Guide: Valentine's Day Box from Donna's Delicious Dozen.
Valentine’s Day Box from Donna’s Delicious Dozen.

Blood Orange Cinnamon Rolls garnished with a touch of honey, rosewater, and edible flowers ($12 for 4) from Rollz, a home-based bakery. The cinnamon roll is the official baked good of 2021 according to King Arthur Baking – and Rollz is the most royal roll of them all. Decadent, indulgent, and so comfy – your tastebuds will be happy to be your valentine this year. Available in a variety of quantities, freshly baked or take and bake, and pick-up or delivery, these cinnamon rolls are truly a gift for most anyone in your life.

Meat from The Butcher & Grocer ($5+). Maybe chocolates (or gluten) aren’t your thing. How about a steak or Ohio pasture-raised, house-made pork sausage? The Butcher & Grocer crew will make your at-home Valentine dinner delicious and special with options for main courses, charcuterie boards, and condiments.

Selections from The Butcher and Grocer.
Selections from The Butcher and Grocer.

Gifts for Your (Human) Valentine

Valentine’s Day Gift Set from The Smithery Jewelry ($95). This gift set is perfect for the love in your life, whether that person is your valentine, galentine, or mom. Featuring a unity necklace to celebrate the love and compassion that links us to each other, a heart-shaped ceramic dish from Megs LeVesseur, a local ceramic artist, and chocolates from Pure Imagination Chocolatier, this classic gift set supports not one, not two, but three local businesses – and isn’t that sweet!

Valentine's Day gift set from The Smithery.
Valentine’s Day gift set from The Smithery.

Stormy Kromer Original Cap ($45) from Mad River Outfitters. This cap is not jewelry or chocolate, but it is practical and classic for the love in your life who appreciates that kinda thing. Nothing says “I care” like the ability to stay warm on the coldest of days spent hiking in a metro park or tailgating (when that is a thing again!).

Chocolate Box Decoded Hand Towel ($12.99) from NatterDoodle. Life may be a box of chocolates, but NatterDoodle is here for you to predict which of those delicious looking morsels actually is the salted caramel instead of the “coconut & mush” flavor. Take control of your chocolate destiny, and check out the galentine’s mug workshop and other gorgeous items and experiences offered in the shop.

Natterdoodle's 'Chocolate Box Decoded' towel.
Natterdoodle’s ‘Chocolate Box Decoded’ towel.

Sage Bundles + Crystals ($4 and up) from Rock Candy Healing Stones. Raise your vibrations and energy with sustainably and ethically sourced sage, crystals, and more from Rock Candy. Find selfcare items, local artisan-made gifts, and all the assistance you need to center yourself and your Valentine this year.  Whether you want to let go of the past, increase your energy, or boost creativity, communication, or sexuality, Rock Candy can hook you up.

Experiences as Gifts

Hemp Blend Yoga Mat ($44) + Virtual Class Pass to Raw Yoga 614 ($25+). Gift your loves a fresh yoga mat, outfit, or mat bag along with a few months of a virtual class pass to Raw Yoga 614. Zoom fatigue is real but the yoga instructors of Raw Yoga will bring some peace, zen, and deep breathing right to your living room 24/7.

Sourdough Breadmaking Virtual Class ($20) from Columbus Garden School. Give the gift of carbs this year! Learn and practice the magic of sourdough bread baking. If you jumped on the sourdough craze of 2020 and couldn’t quite figure it out or you are just now discovering the deliciousness of sourdough, this workshop walks you through sourdough breadmaking at home – and with a lively starter supplied as part of your course. Baking bread with (or for!) friends is always a delicious way to love on the foodies in your life. And once your valentine knows how to bake delicious bread, this gift will keep on giving!

learn to make sourdough bread
Gift a lesson in making sourdough to your Valentine.

Improv for Couples Virtual Date Night ($40 per couple) at The Nest Theatre. Experience the perfect way to strengthen or reconnect in your relationship! Improvisation and fruitful partnerships are rooted in the same beneficial tenets as great improv: active listening, endless support, and the willingness to engage. Say “yes, and” to your relationship and make this Valentine’s gift one that makes a difference – all by playing and sharing in meaningful connection. Upgrade to include a charcuterie board to elevate the gift to a true date night!

For Your Valentine Pet…

A strawberry donut cat toy! From Wild Cat Gift and Party.
A strawberry donut cat toy! From Wild Cat Gift and Party.

Strawberry Donut Cat Toy ($9) from Wild Cat Gift and Party!. With an entire section entitled “Play With Your Cat,” Wild Cat is here for all your feline’s needs on Valentine’s Day. Who says dogs have more fun? Now you and your kitty can have matching treats for Galentine’s Day.

“I Dig You” Gift Box ($14) from The Cakehound. Let your dog know how you really feel on Valentine’s Day with an adorable and delicious gift from a local small business. The Love Monster cupcake and Conversation(less) Heart Cookies look good enough to share – but are made with love, peanut butter, and cacao for your pup.

Thanks for reading our Valentine’s Day Gift Guide! Find Valentine’s Day events in the Columbus Underground event calendar. Enjoy your Valentine/Galentine!

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