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2020 CU Ambassador of the Year

Heather Yost Heather Yost 2020 CU Ambassador of the YearRegina Areny guides a young ambassador at the 2019 Columbus Coffee Festival
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Columbus Underground hosts community-engaging events each year. At these events, we work alongside volunteers who share the same love and respect for the communities and businesses in Columbus, Ohio. In an effort to keep our events community-driven and community-focused, we rely on the support of our CU Ambassadors. Who better to lead us in events than our own neighbors and friends!

2020 had a lot of ups and downs in our event schedule. We had to postpone and cancel some of our most exciting festivals, but that did not stop Regina Arney from signing up for every.single.one. We would like to take time to recognize an amazing ambassador below with her thoughts and takes on being a CU Ambassador and the community which she calls home.

How did you hear of the Ambassador Program? When did you sign up?

I was volunteering as a CAPA usher in 2018 and learned from Frank and Gwen Sudol. They are Columbus Underground ambassadors as well.   

What CU events have you volunteered for? 

I have volunteered for Sweet Treats Dessert Festival, Beer + Donuts, Urban Living Tour, and of course, The Coffee Festival!

What is the best thing about volunteering? 

I like to give back to the community. The best thing about volunteering is meeting new people and getting to experience something I would not have the opportunity to experience had I not volunteered.

What is your favorite event?  Why?

The Sweet Treats is my favorite event, hands down! I love getting to meet all the dessert makers and try all of their goodies and learning of new places to patronize.

Do you volunteer elsewhere?

I volunteer a lot. I am an usher for CAPA. I also volunteer for Dress for Success, Arthritis Foundation, Susan G. Komen, The Food Pantry, and Easter Seals. In addition to those, I am a volunteer at several other Festivals throughout Columbus.

What are you most looking forward to in 2021? 

In 2021, I am most looking forward to people coming together and recognizing other people as human beings.  

Regina is approachable and is quick to switch stations if needed in another area. She is a go with the flow type of woman, who I really enjoyed sharing time with during many of our events. I fully look forward to more.  

Thank you Regina for always making sure our guests are treated with respect. You are a model volunteer who we are so grateful to have working with us. We look forward to you gifting us with your support again in the new year and beyond. 

Thank you to all of our CU Ambassadors for the friendship and community we have built and continue to build. We look forward to hosting more amazing events in 2021 and welcome the opportunity to grow our ambassador family.  If you are interested in singing up to be a CU Ambassador, you can do so here

Regina Arney volunteering at Columbus Coffee Festival 2020
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