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2012 Year in Review: 42 Restaurant Reviews

 Morgan Kelley 2012 Year in Review: 42 Restaurant Reviews
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I ate a lot in 2012. Well, perhaps I ate just as many meals as anyone else, but when I look back on my restaurant reviews it seems like a tremendous amount of food when viewed all at once. A lot of it was wonderfully delicious, and some of it missed the mark. I’ve decided to put together a quick recap to highlight some of my favorite restaurant experiences of the year since I will be passing the baton in January to a new food writer. It’s been fun, but time to move on. So without further delay, on to the food!

Top 12 (in no particular order):

  • Commonwealth Sandwich Bar – Tiny sandwich shop tucked away on South Campus where every ingredient is taken seriously.
  • Deepwood Lunch – Fine dining on a budget with high concept dishes executed in affordable lunch price points.
  • Harvest Pizzeria – Harvest is hands down the best new artisan pizza restaurant in Columbus. Great food, great drinks (at both Harvest and Curio next door) and an amazing patio ambiance.
  • Arepazo Tapas & Wine – May I dare say that this new Gahanna restaurant is better than its original Downtown location (which is by no means bad) with the addition of more seating and a full bar.
  • Explorers Club Brunch – I tried this brunch all the way back in January, and only one other brunch came close to topping it. Great latin twists on American brunch staples with a homestyle environment that doesn’t put on airs.
  • Katalina’s Cafe Corner – Amazing sandwiches in a small, crowded neighborhood joint. Nothing here will disappoint you.
  • Edamame Sushi & Grill – Skip the Easton food court and head over here instead for treat for both the eyes and tongue.
  • de-NOVO Bistro & Bar – Haute cuisine done right. The level of attention to detail is off the charts, both in the decor and the dishes at this Downtown addition.
  • Milestone 229 Brunch – The other stellar brunch of 2012. Milestone delivers a top notch atmosphere and some knockout unique brunch dishes.
  • Black Creek Bistro Lunch – Amazing sandwiches for half the price of dinner. Will make any lunch feel like a special occasion.
  • Sí Señor – Flavorful and filling south-american sandwiches at a price point below what you’d expect Downtown for lunch.
  • Plantain Cafe – A mix of authentic and americanized cuban dishes, all made to perfection.

(Click any of the photos below to read the reviews — Photos by Jennifer René and Morgan Kelley.)

The Rest (in no particular order):


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