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2012: The Year in Local Music

Briana Henry Briana Henry 2012: The Year in Local Music
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Given the opportunity to write some anecdotes about my year of music and potential ear drum damage, I jumped at the chance. This year was full of mind-blowing shows and unique local music outfits. Here are my favorite local bands of 2012.

The Regrettes
Power comes to mind when describing this band. Song after song about broken hearts and love delivered from what seems to be a sound that could only come from a 60’s R&B girl group, The Regrettes have catapulted themselves as one of the best bands in Columbus. One of the highlights in my experience of seeing these artists live, was dancing (badly) onstage at ComFest, where The Regrettes had everyone, young and old, grooving. If you failed in seeing them live, shame on you. I told you how good they were in February. Make sure to put a Regrettes show on your to-do list for 2013, and pick up their vinyl.

This band blew me away during their performance at Independent’s Day. Soulful lyrics flow outwards from their lead singer, Jeff Martin, alongside a dark soundtrack which makes them completely irresistible. Seeing them last year at an Alive! event, completely out of their comfort zone, left me weary, but their performance at Independent’s Day not only was the beginning of the end for my ear drums, but also the beginning of my love for Lo-Pan. Currently, the band is on tour with Louisiana doom-metal rockers, Goatwhore.

Cadaver Dogs
The leaders in dick rock took over Columbus, chewed them up and spit them out, each and every single time I’ve seen them. No show is the same. In the past year, I have attended more of their shows than any other local band in Columbus for the fact that I never what is going to happen. Will the drummer stroke his drumsticks in a masturbatory way? Will someone spit beer in the crowd? I just don’t know. It’s hard to isolate specific instances of the shows that were the most amusing since all are entertaining. The band packs a serious punch, without even giving a fuck; I always seem to feel so naughty after a show. The band continues to tour and grow their fan base. Here is a single from their latest album “Superloose” to start your weekend.

Psychic Wheels
The band that almost ruined my bladder forever recently posted some music on Soundcloud. This one is by far my favorite. Lead by Spencer Morgan’s dark, deep, and low voice, the band continues to distinguish themselves farther and farther away from other bands below them. Remaining on the top of my list, I hope Psychic Wheels plans on booking more shows. Check out their music on Soundcloud and make sure to check out their show at Ace of Cups on December 28th with Main Street Gospel, Strangers in Daylight, and Stations. If I had to name a band of the year, Psychic Wheels would take the imaginary trophy.

In other local music news, Charlie Hustle and Dirty Girls laid their axes to rest, while Stations and Main Street Gospel resurrected. I am excited to see what 2013 will bring for these local acts and hope to see them grow in Columbus as well as on a national level.


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