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2010 Downtown Strategic Plan Moving Forward

Walker Evans Walker Evans
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The last of a series of public input meetings on the new 2010 Downtown Plan was held last night at CCAD, and the finalized plan is now moving forward. If you’ve followed the updates from the second meeting where the “12 Big Ideas” were presented, then last night’s meeting contained little in the way of alterations, as the finalized version of the plan will be moving forward with all 12 of those ideas included.

Several speakers including Guy Worley, Mayor Michael Coleman, Keith Myers and Andrew Ginther spoke about the finalized plan and the next steps that would be taken to start moving forward, though Mayor Coleman was quick to explain that this project would not have been possible without the input from these public meetings.

“This plan isn’t about Guy Worley, the CDDC, Mayor Coleman, or City Council… this is about you,” said Mayor Michael Coleman at last night’s event. “I’ve said from beginning that Downtown is everybody’s neighborhood. It’s the one thing we all have a vested interest in and if it works well, then everything around it works well too.”

All of our ongoing coverage of the public meetings and exclusive interviews with the leadership involved can be found here: 2010 Downtown Strategic Plan.

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