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200Columbus Program Concludes with Book Release and Time Capsule

Walker Evans Walker Evans 200Columbus Program Concludes with Book Release and Time Capsule
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Local civic leaders gathered today at Columbus City Council Chambers to finalize the 200Columbus bicentennial initiative with a recap of accomplishments from the past year and a closing ceremony that included the curation of a bicentennial time capsule and the release of the Revealed: Columbus book.

“We celebrated in 2012 the city’s birthday, but it was much much more than a party,” said 200Columbus Project Manager Jamie Greene. “Never in the city’s history have we come together like we have this past year. I have had the pleasure of working in communities all across the country, and the level of civic goodwill in Columbus is off the charts.”

Columbus City Council President Andrew Ginther agreed, saying that the best days for Columbus are yet to come.

“As a lifelong resident of Columbus, it’s been an honor to participate in the many celebrations big and small to celebrate our past and chart our future,” he stated.

The bicentennial time capsule was filled with items including commemorative coins, books and magazines, personal letters from local leaders, the WOSU Neighborhoods documentary series, photos, maps and more. The capsule will be sealed today for a 100 year period so that future generations will be able to learn more about life in our city from 2012.

“When you think about Columbus today, we have over 100 languages spoken, we have so many different cultures, skill levels, faiths and ethnicities,” said City Auditor Hugh Dorrian. “I pray that over the next 100 years, all of us will retain that most important characteristic — the characteristic of respecting the value of every human being in our community.”

Mayor Michael B. Coleman contributed to the time capsule a copy of the ‘Revealed: Columbus” book, which was signed by everyone in attendance at today’s event. The book is also now available for purchase online at shop.200columbus.com.

“The reason this bicentennial was important is because you don’t understand where you’re going until you know where you come from,” said Coleman. “We really need to use 2012 as a launching pad toward the future, and there’s where we are today — looking toward the future.”

Coleman said that 200Columbus was also about the completion of physical infrastructure projects to be enjoyed for decades or centuries to come, pointing out the Scioto Mile and Columbus Commons as examples. He also dropped a hint that today might not be the last we hear of 200Columbus-related developments.

“The biggest project of all has yet to be announced — we’ll announce it this summer,” he stated. “It will also be coming to the riverfront, all because of the bicentennial.”

More information can be found online at www.200columbus.com.
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