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15 Minutes with Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros

Briana Henry Briana Henry 15 Minutes with Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros
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Tonight, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros will again take the stage at the LC. I always had some respect for the multiple members of this band, but it was elevated after their performance of “Home” at a Big Room for CD102.5. I spoke with vocalist and accordion player, Nora Kirkpatrick, who also played Dwight’s farm girlfriend (Esther) towards the end of The Office’s tenure, about pot (go figure), plans after tour, and their latest venture as a band, Big Top.

Briana Henry: How long have you played the accordion and what made you pick up that instrument?

Nora Kirkpatrick: I used to play the organ and I just wanted to be more mobile. I started when I was very young.

BH: Where did the idea for Big Top come from and what exactly is it?

NK: It’s going to be pretty crazy. With Big Top we’re going to perform every night, have animals and food, along with performances and artwork from other artists.

BH: While researching, I found something about “40 Day Dream” on highroulette.com

NK: What website was it?

BH: Highroulette.com. It was my first time visiting that particular site. Anyway, is it safe to say that all of you participate in smoking marijuana?

NK: We are very healthy, straight-forward people. I can’t really speak to that.

BH: Well, alright. What’re your plans after tour? I saw that you’re working on a few on-screen projects?

NK: I have some movies coming out. Next year we have three months off, so I’m looking forward to getting back into comedy.

With such a “straight forward” answer about marijuana, I now wonder what exactly it is they are taking puffs from during “40 Day Dream”. Nora and her healthy livin’ band will play tonight at the LC with support from Willy Mason. Tickets are still available and are $25.

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