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15 Minutes with Atlas Genius

Briana Henry Briana Henry 15 Minutes with Atlas Genius
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Atlas Genius will perform at The Newport tomorrow night with support from Haerts and The Postelles. The duo from Adelaide, Australia, whose first performance was in Columbus at CD102.5’s Summerfest, brings back their catchy indie, light-electric sounds back to the capital city. A few hours before playing a sold out show in Santa Barbara, I spoke with Keith Jeffrey about his love for Columbus and plans after tour.

Briana Henry: You’ve only released one album, but are already selling out shows, how does that feel?

Keith Jeffrey: We did our first couple of headlining tours in TX. It was our first show in America, so Columbus has a special place in our hearts.

BH: What are your plans after this tour? Do you have another album in the works?

KJ: We only release the album a few months ago in the US, and a couple weeks ago in Europe so we’re going to be touring this album for awhile.

BH: I listened to an amazing cover of Daft Punk’s song “Get Lucky”. Why that song? Have you always been a Daft Punk fan?

KJ: I really like Daft Punk. The funny thing was that was just done for a radio station and they always have bands play a cover. It was fun for me.

BH: Is the song “Symptoms” about someone in particular?

KJ: It’s more about a place than a person. Mark and I were sharing a place, we were there for a couple years. We were just moving out of the place and we wanted to pay homage to this house and everything that we were going through.

BH: So it will be my first Atlas Genius show how would you describe your live show?

KJ: When were playing live, we try to change up the songs a bit, we’ll extend certain songs or strip some down. It’s more rock than our album.

Atlas Genius is already selling out shows with just the release of their debut album When it Was Now featuring stand out tracks such as “Trojans”, “Electric”, and “Symptoms”. Advance tickets are $12 and $15 day of show and can be purchased either at the door or online.

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