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13-Story Building Downtown Approved

Brent Warren Brent Warren 13-Story Building Downtown ApprovedRenderings by Kephart.
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A proposal to build a 13-story mixed-use building at 195 E. Broad St. was approved by the Downtown Commission this morning.

The programming of the building is unchanged from when the project was first presented to the commission in November – 133 apartments over a five-floor parking garage and ground-level retail space.

Changes were made to the exterior design of the building, though, based on feedback received from commissioners at that time.

On the Broad Street side, the corner entryway was reworked and changes were made to the materials used on the lower portion of the building. Along Young Street, space has now been reserved for a mural or another piece of art to be display at street level.

The development will require the demolition of several interconnected buildings that have occupied the southeast corner of Broad and Young streets for many decades, although a portion of the facade of one of the existing buildings will be preserved and incorporated into the new project.

Edwards Communities is the developer of the project, while the architect is Denver-based Kephart.

Kephart’s Bryce Hall told commissioners during today’s virtual meeting that the plan is to submit for permits in March and to start construction of the new building immediately following the demolition of the existing structures.

The vote to approve the project also clears the buildings for demolition, but is conditional on the applicant returning with more details on materials.

A second Edwards project was also heard by the commission – a plan to convert a covered, elevated walkway into an open air park.

That concept was greeted with enthusiasm by commissioners, although there were several suggestions about ways the project could serve to improve the pedestrian experience at ground level, underneath the transformed walkway.

Also receiving a positive initial review was the latest plan for the residential portion of the Confluence Village development, next to the new Crew Stadium.

Both projects were only scheduled for conceptual reviews, meaning no vote was taken and the commission will get another chance to weigh in on them at a future meeting.

Finally, the commission also reviewed a proposal from Athens-based brewery Jackie O’s to build a multi-level patio next to its building on North Fourth Street. The idea received strong support from the commission, but the project will have to come back next month with more detailed drawings before it can be approved.  

The two- and three-story buildings on the corner will be demolished, although a portion of the facade will be incorporated into the new building. Photo by Brent Warren.
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