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11-Story Development Plan Revealed for Short North White Castle Site

Brent Warren Brent Warren 11-Story Development Plan Revealed for Short North White Castle SiteAll renderings by Berardi + Partners.
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Borror Properties has officially submitted plans to the Victorian Village Commission for the White Castle site at the northwest corner of North High Street and West Second Avenue in the Short North. The initial plans call for 140 to 150 apartments, 10,000 square feet of ground-floor retail space (including a 3,200 square-foot White Castle), 12,000 square feet of second-floor office space, and a 266-space, four-level parking garage incorporated into the building.

The footprint of the new building would also encompass the 42-space, city-owned parking lot that sits just north of the current White Castle restaurant. According to Jeff Baur of Borror Properties, they’ve reached an agreement with the city to ensure that at least 126 spaces in the new garage would be available to the public, leaving 140 spaces that could be reserved specifically for residents.

“We’re really excited about the project… we’re excited about the public-private partnership, and we’re looking forward to working with commission on the design,” he said. “We’ve been anxious to finally be able to talk about it.”


The proposed building would be seven stories at the corner of Second and High, but the northern portion of the building would feature an additional four floors of apartments, all set back farther from High Street. Baur said that the scale of the project is necessary in order to cover the expense of the public parking component.

Other features of the development include an outdoor amenity space on top of the parking garage and a drive-thru for the White Castle, where drivers would enter the parking garage from Second and loop around to a window at the rear of the restaurant space, exiting back onto Second. Apartments would be likely be mostly one-bedroom units, with some studios and two-bedroom units rounding out the mix. 

As for the retail space along High, Baur said that they’re interested in adding another 24-hour user — something along the lines of a drug store or Kinkos — to complement the White Castle. “We want this to be a corner that never goes to sleep,” he said. 

“We’re really looking for this to be a special project,” added Baur. “These are two family-owned businesses that have been in Columbus for a long time, and both I think are hoping to give back to the city a little and build something special on that corner.”

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All renderings by Berardi + Partners.



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