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101 Beer Kitchen Expanding to Gahanna

Ayana Wilson Ayana Wilson 101 Beer Kitchen Expanding to Gahanna
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Craft beer restaurants have been trending for the last couple years, and for good reason. The combination of chef-driven cuisine and craft beer is one that’s ultimately satisfying, and with the emergence of several microbreweries in the city, one that was inevitable as well.

101 Beer Kitchen opened little over a year ago at 7509 Sawmill Road to great reception. The food was excellent, the staff friendly, and the beer list comparable to any tavern around town.

So it should come as no surprise that soon 101 Beer Kitchen will be expanding its operation, opening a second store in Gahanna at 397 Stone Ridge Lane. This new 101 will carry the same name, menu, attitude, and great beer list.

The restaurant will be approximately 5,000 square feet, roughly the same as the flagship, and seat about 185 guests at a time. 101 Beer Kitchen Gahanna will serve lunch and dinner once open, with brunch service to begin about a month after that.

For Jessica Kittrell and her husband, the team behind 101 Beer Kitchen, the timing was right for a second store. The original 101 Beer Kitchen works like a well-oiled machine, which allows everyone involved to grow and mature the way they’ve always envisioned.

“We felt Gahanna offered a similar demographic and traffic as our Dublin location, but we would be reaching people that currently do not want to drive across town to get to us,” shares Kittrell. “We really like the idea of giving the suburbs a little taste of something local amid all the chains.”

101 Beer Kitchen Gahanna will also host Beer Dinners and Style Nights like at the Dublin location, and there will also be more semi-private and private dining spaces as has been requested by customers.

101 Beer Kitchen Gahanna is set to open later this year. For more on 101 Beer Kitchen, visit www.101beerkitchen.com.

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