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10 More Locals You Should be Following on Twitter

Walker Evans Walker Evans
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Our first twitter list last month focused on local “celebrity” figures who happen to be using twitter to communicate with the rest of the city. This time we thought we’d dial it down a notch and focus on locals who may not have the name recognition, but who are still doing cool things and discussing those things via twitter. So if you’ve got room to follow more people, here are 10 more locals who you should be adding right this minute.

Erin Moore – Erin is the Executive Director of the Columbus Music Co-Op, a local non-profit organization aimed at assisting Columbus musicians to secure health insurance. Needless to say, Erin is deeply involved with the city’s music scene and can be found tweeting regularly about local bands.

Recent Tweet: off to franklinton to discuss cmc helping out with urban scrawl this year! yay!

th0ma5 – Thom is a Columbus Underground regular and can be found tweeting about everything from the geekiest computer hackery to the most interesting classic films or modern music. Many of Thom’s recent creative projects are a mix of data analysis and artistic visualization, which typically yields very visually stimulating results.

Recent Tweet: re: ubiquity: check out shiftspace, mit simile exhibit, rdfa vs. microformats, the atom specification vs. rss 1.0 / rdf ftw !

Heather Popio – Heather is the local foodie behind the currently-on-hiatus Sopressata blog, but she also spends quite a few of her twitter updates on topics both relating to cooking at home as well as discovering new restaurants in and around Columbus.

Recent Tweet: bodega + jeni’s = afternoon coma. looking for toothpicks with which to prop my eyelids open.

Andrew Miller – Andrew is a local blogger who runs ElphantsonBicycles, contributes editorial content to WOSU, and is heavily involved with the local Social Media Cafe, just to name a few of his credentials. Andrew also tweets regularly about various civic involvement topics.

Recent Tweet: I don’t think print is dead but it will have to evolve. That said when I heard about theprintedblog I immediately thought FAIL.

Ryan Morgan – Ryan operates Brilliant, an independent insurance agency that caters to other local, independent businesses in Columbus. Ryan is deeply rooted in the local community through civic involvement as well. He launched the Buy Local Columbus campaign, and is on the Board of Directors for Local Matters.

Recent Tweet: Real men wear powder-blue sweater vests. With honey BBQ sauce all over the front.

Zach Briggs – Zach is another self-described foodie, and is one part of the popular Columbus Foodcast, a regular podcast devoted to the local dining scene around town. Topics range from recipes to restaurants, and greasy diners to fine dining, but the emphasis is always on great local experiences.

Recent Tweet: Come get some Rad Dog before Tawd freezes to death!

Lisa Dillman – Lisa is best known for her popular food blog, RestaurantWidow.com, that she’s been operating for the past four years. Since Lisa is also a working member of the restaurant industry, she also provides a great inside look at what life is like behind the scenes.

Recent Tweet: see? that’s a real chef – “i’ll chop my finger off and sear it on the flat top, then tomorrow i deal with 9 fingers.”

Leigh Householder – Leigh is a Brand Strategist at a local branding company by day, and blogger extraordinaire by night with her nationally-recognized site Advergirl.com. Leigh also launched DowntownSnob.com in December, where she blogs about life in the center of Columbus.

Recent Tweet: I kind of wish Barack Obama would stop emailing me but I just cant quite convince myself to unsubscribe. What if one has a tax coupon in it?

Charly Bauer – Charly’s twitter id is “jenishusband”, which accurately describes him as the significant other of Jeni Bauer from Jeni’s Ice Creams. But that’s just him being modest. In addition to co-owning Jeni’s, Charly serves on the board of the Short North Business Association and North Market Development Authority.

Recent Tweet: Choosing tiles for Dublin Store.. . Oh la la..

Jamie Timm – Jamie is the Director of Marketing and Communications at the Columbus Chamber of Commerce. Jamie utilizes twitter both to promote the City of Columbus, and also to interact with those who are doing great things in the city. Last year, Jamie helped to organize the Columbus edition of StartupWeekend.

Recent Tweet: What do CEOs nationwide think of Columbus? Attend the 2009 Annual Meeting to find out:

Who else do you think should be added to our list? Any suggestions?

Oh, and don’t forget… you can follow ColumbusUnderground via Twitter too.

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