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Young Art Collectors – Jung Kim

Anne Evans Anne Evans Young Art Collectors – Jung Kim
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Jung Kim, 33, Art Collector

Jung Kim has always liked art. His family moved from Korea to New York when he was 7. When he was older, he attended a festival there called Shad Fest, an annual tradition in Lambertville, New Jersey originally started to support the local arts scene. It was there that he made his first art purchase, at an auction to support the art program at the local high school.

When he got a job offer in 2007 to move to Columbus, he became excited as he started researching the city and what it had to offer. He had been wanting to move back to a city and while looking for a place to live, he came across The Jeffrey. The location was great and all of his reading talked about the Short North and the Short North Arts District being the place to be. For about the past year and a half, Jung has been consciously thinking about collecting artwork, supporting local Columbus artists and a few others’ whose work he enjoys.

He has been attending the C-Note shows, has bought three pieces there, and thinks it is a good stepping stone to purchasing art. “It’s a laid back setting and you know it is affordable,” said Jung.

Jung has also enjoyed going to the CCAD Student Art Sale (the next one is Saturday, December 3, 2011) and the OSU Urban Arts Space to see up and coming artists.

Alumin, Gaza Border, 2005. Rina Castelnuovo. Color Photograph

He enjoys being connected to the art world and has been very interested in the discussion concerning arts and economic development. For others wanting to learn more about the economy and market aspect of the art world, Jung recommends reading Don Thompson’s The $12 Million Stuffed Shark, The Curious Economics of Contemporary Art and Sarah Thornton’s Seven Days in the Art World. He hopes that others will really be there to support the arts and support people who are trying to make a living off of their craft.

War on Beauty #21. acrylic, marker and airbrush on canvas. 30” x 10” 2009. Stephanie Rond. (left). Painting by Jeremiah Caudill (right)

Jung has also helped facilitate local artists into other markets; he connected Stephanie Rond to the 2 Rules Fine Art Gallery in Atlanta. It is great to have our local talent showcasing themselves elsewhere while also advertising Columbus.

Fractals. Jennifer Harber. (left). Artwork by Boryana Rusenova Ina (right)

South African Mobile of Musicians. Gift from Jung's sister. (left). Future Fashion Trends. Ron Rege Jr. Shown in the "This is a Comic Book" show at Mahan Gallery, August 2009. (right)

Jung usually buys things he likes without necessarily having a wallspace in mind. However, he was looking for a larger piece to place above his couch. He first saw Boryana Rusenova Ina’s work at C-Note and loved the high level of detail. Later, he checked out her website and then went to a show she had at Art Access Gallery in Bexley where he ended up purchasing Show Me the Way. He has been thinking about getting a drawing of hers. Most of his purchases are well thought out and not impulse buys, because “you will have it forever” he says. One day, he would like to own a century or older drawing or such from an old artist.

Show Me the Way. Boryana Rusenova Ina. acrylic, markers, charcoal on panel. 48"x72" 2010

He does plan on continuing to collect. Columbus is home to two world collectors – Les Wexner and Ron Pizzuti and Jung is especially excited to see the Pizzuti Collection. It is to open the Fall of 2012, in a permanent home in a newly renovated building in the Short North at 632 North Park Street.


Michael (MT) Bush

Rina Castelnuovo, Andrea Meislin Gallery, NYC

Jeremiah Caudill


Jennifer Harber, Moon Song Gallery

Boryana Rusenova Ina, Art Access Gallery, Bexley

Ron Regé Jr.

Stephanie Rond

Carolyn Slebodnik

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  • Jeff Regensburger

    Thank Anne for highlighting individuals who support local artists, and thanks Jung for being one of those individuals.

  • Is this a series? I love the concept and seeing the variety of a single person’s taste.

  • dru

    nice diverse collection Jung.
    as an aside, and perhaps i should ask this of @coreroc, is C-note still an event?  I don’t recall one in recent history.  it was a great concept and like Jung, we have multiple pieces from previous versions of C-note.

  • It is a nice collection and it’d make a nice series. I’m always amazed at the lack of art on Central Ohio walls as I’m showing homes for sale.  We’ve fallen off a little in recent years ourselves but we do seem to have a never ending stack of paintings/prints/photos that need to be framed. +1 to dru’s question about C-note, what a great event.

  • Jeff Regensburger

    The Ohio Art League’s annual “One Night” fundraiser is on Friday November 18th. This is a great chance to pick up some original artwork since part of the event is a silent auction. I’ve gone the last few years and have come away with some nice work. Plus, it’s for a good cause!

  • Jung thanks for the support and Dru to answer your question about C-note. I I lost my best resource for the event in Mike Reed doing the background work on the website and just haven’t mustered the strength to facilitate one recently. I am working on the next one and with studio spaces transitioning soon for me it’s just a matter of where the event will be best suited for the next event. I may even have a trick up my sleve for the 200 agenda in 2012.

  • dru

    thanks for the update @coreroc.  i just sent a PM.
    thanks for all your effort in organizing the previous ones, our home is better for it.  and no shame in @MikeReed prioritizing things and seeking a work/life balance.
    and @JoePeffer , I agree.  it always amazes me that people will have some $100 metal art from BB&B or $300 wall mounted votive holder from Pottery Barn yet miss the chance at having original art work. i think a lot of it is a mental hurdle that art is too expensive, and C-note helped break that down.

  • Jung, that’s a pretty awesome collection you’ve got going. I’m impressed.

  • Totally jealous of “Show Me the Way”. I saw an image of it online somewhere and really thought it was pretty amazing take on a familiar Columbus cityscape. Thanks for sharing this with us, Jung! :D

  • Show me the way is for sure an amazing piece and I too am jealous of it. I can’t say how much I wanted that Stephanie Rond piece and can’t be more pleased that it found a happy home.

  • Cool, I’d love to see a what I collect series like this but for more then just art, maybe art one day, then records, then tiki mugs, I like seeing what people are into.
    Very nice collection you have going Jung.

  • jungaroo

    Thanks all for the feedback. Hopefully this encourages others to start collecting and support artists locally and beyond. Also an FYI, this CU article is now noted on the Andrea Meislin Gallery blog.

  • kmccormish

    Right on, Jung!  Great collection.  I especially love Stephanie Rond.

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