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Yabo’s Tacos Opens Upper Arlington Location

Walker Evans Walker Evans Yabo’s Tacos Opens Upper Arlington Location
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Following in the footsteps of Piada and Graffiti Burger, Yabo’s Tacos is a new local restaurant that launched with plans for rapid expansion. It’s taken right around a year since the opening of their first location in Westerville, but the second location is now officially open adjacent to the Kingsdale Shopping Center in Upper Arlington.

The Yabo’s concept is a mix between fast casual tex-mex fare and American sports bar ambiance. The menu includes tacos, burritos, quesadillas and more, while multiple large flat screens play sports throughout the restaurant.

We spoke recently with Scott Boles, Co-Owner and Operations Director at Yabo’s to find out what’s new and different at the UA restaurant and what other expansion plans he has in store for the business.

Q: First, can you tell us how things have gone at your original Westerville location since opening a year ago?

A: Not in my wildest dreams could I have expected the success that the Westerville store is achieving. Everyday we seem to get busier and busier, and we only have 78 seats there so our staff is incredible creating greater efficiencies. People seem to like us a lot and recognize the freshness in our food.

Q: When we spoke shortly after opening, you said that you already had expansion plans in the works. What led you to opening the second location in Upper Arlington?

A: I was at a friend’s get together in Upper Arlington and they mentioned that the space may be available soon and that we should check it out. I didn’t like the space at first because I didn’t realize it had so much parking in the back, which changed my mind immediately.

Q: Any there any specific or unique food or drink specials at the new location?

A: As always we have our $2.00 tacos, and our $1.00 retro beer on draft everyday. We also have a full bar in this location and have some signature drinks like our Yabo’s Margarita. Those can be flavored with many choices of different fruit purees, such as strawberry, mango, pomegranate and prickly pear. We also have “Pick your Flavor” Mojitos and “Slender Sippers” that are cocktails with less than 100 calories.

Q: Do you have additional plans to continue expansion, and if so, what areas do you currently have your sights on?

A: We would like to have at least half a dozen restaurants in the Columbus area. We would like to be in Grove City, Canal Winchester, Pickerington, Gahana/New Albany, Hilliard, OSU Campus, and Dublin/Powell, but are open to look at any location as long as it has good traffic and is reasonably priced.

More information can be found online at www.yabostacos.com.

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  • tolemac5050

    It appears that Graffiti Burger’s plans for growth have stalled…(and closed one location)

  • http://www.columbusunderground.com Walker

    True, they have stalled a bit. But the point was that they launched with plans to rapidly expand. Many restaurants are meant to be “one of a kind” with owners who have no plans to duplicate their concepts.

  • riosig79

    Walker, I haven’t been to Yabo’s but the raves about it seem to indicate success. Now, how can I convince Scott Boles to consider a Grove City location for expansion. The trendy Grove City needs Yabo’s east of 71 off of Stringtown near the Rave Theater. However, the GC Administration seems to be unwilling to budge on some development issues unfortunately. Let’s follow Yabo’s success and keep them in the spotlight.

  • http://www.victorianvillageguesthouse.com Lisa Craig Morton

    We ate here over the weekend and it was horrible. I don’t understand what the big buzz is about. The food was totally bereft of any flavor or seasonings. I can honestly say it was the wort quesadilla I have ever eaten anywhere. I would eat at any of Columbus’ numerous taco trucks before ever setting foot in Yabo’s Tacos again.

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