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Worst Commercial Property in Columbus Being Demolished Today

Walker Evans Walker Evans Worst Commercial Property in Columbus Being Demolished TodayPhoto by Walker Evans.
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Demolition officially begins today on the building that city officials have dubbed the “#1 Vacant and Blighted Commercial Property” in Columbus. The building, located at 3150-3218 Allegheny Avenue, has accrued nearly $600,000 in fines since 2015 due to a new law that allows the city of Columbus to apply $1,000 per day penalties to properties deemed unsafe or damaged.

According to the Franklin County Auditor, the property is owned by a corporation known as “Limited Investment Group,” an entity that is owned by Ashraf A. Ettayem, according to the Ohio Secretary of State.

“The property has been a nuisance and eyesore on the East Side neighborhood,” stated a release issued by John Rosenberger, President of the Central Ohio Community Improvement Corporation (COCIC).

The City of Columbus Land Bank and COCIC are working together on the demolition, which is expected to take two days to complete.




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  • Gail Spicehandler Burkholder

    According to Google Maps, this is 240 feet from the new Africentric school and its multi-million dollar sports megalopolis. I see zero coincidences here.

    • So are you saying that it shouldn’t be demolished?

      Coincidence or not, what are you suggesting be done with this nuisance property?

  • communitymindedjoe

    Dubbed the number one worst commercial property by what city
    official’s? And you are right Gail about the coincidence. If neglected
    properties do not stand in the way of or have a negative impact on new
    development they are put on the back burner. The silos near Nelson and Main
    have been an eyesore for decades now. What’s the hold up there? Plus the powers
    that be don’t have a problem at all tearing down historic properties such as
    Poindexter Village that have such a rich history of Columbus’s East Side. These
    so called neglected housing structures were prime for renovation but they didn’t
    fit into the plans of CMHA, OSU and the City of Columbus for gentrifying that

  • Rick Walker

    The hold up on the silos is money. Real tall and real reinforced. you cannot just tear them down with a track hoe. I heard an (unconfirmed) estimate several years ago that demo would be north of $1.2M Which seems spendy for property on Nelson and Main when you look at what that would buy a few blocks in either direction.

  • Fur614

    As a resident of Bexley, we welcome this demolition. I think it’s great that the students of the new Africentric school will not have to experience this “blight” around them.

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