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Woodland Park Neighborhood Profiled in Dispatch

Walker Evans Walker Evans Woodland Park Neighborhood Profiled in Dispatch
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The Dispatch continues their “Where We Live” neighborhood profiles today with a look at the Woodland Park area located on the Near East Side. The area was originally developed as an upscale subdivision and much of the historic charm remains in the large homes that line the streets just north of Franklin Park. The article profiles several residents who live in the area and does a nice job of highlighting the various amenities that can be found nearby.

The article can be read here, and more info can be found at WoodlandParkNA.com.

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  • Stacky

    Really interesting – I found myself wanting to hear the stories of more residents. Never knew about the Mansion Day school.

    The comments left on the article’s site so far are rather disappointing; completely ignoring the point of the article and focussing on hearsay that the neighborhood is unsafe. Is any neighborhood truly “safe”? I just want to tell them, “Geeze people, pull your head out of the sand and find some appreciation for your city.”

  • jpunkster

    If you haven’t done so yet, a driving tour of this neighborhood is amazing and highly recommended!

  • A great neighborhood to take a walking tour of too… when it gets a little warmer out, that is. ;)

  • Woodland Ave. is absolutely full of charm!   There are several vacant homes on that strip just a block or two away from Franklin Park that are prime candidates for restoration.   I’ve lived in this area since April, 2009 and am happy to report zero crime-related incidents thus far.    I had more difficulties in German Village!

  • If they want to make it safer they can move there and be an active member of the community. The article touches on a point I’ve already raised which is that urban Columbus already offered what the suburbs did. In fact, this was marketed back in the day as a suburban development before car-dependent sprawl redefined what the suburbs were. Suburbs were originally about mixing the positives of country living (away from stinky industry) and city living (urban amenities) together. Homes get more modest further north and there are a few commercial structures on Mt Vernon, one of which is on the SE corner in WP. Admittedly, the area west of the neighborhood is not very good and this is explained by the large number of projects located here along Ohio and Champion. I was threatened by some of the riff-raff that were coming from that direction down Woodland Ave while on my bike. A lot of the Near East and Near South neighborhoods have great housing stock, but they’ve been forgotten by most and damaged by bad landlords and/or projects .

  • Woodland Park has some of the best housing stock in the City. And some really great neighbors.

    Also, the Eldon Ward Family YMCA, in addition to being a great facility to join and use, has a long and great history in Columbus.

  • I’ve always liked this neighborhood. It has a nice big city urban feel, yet seems low key.

  • Snarf

    +1 to above.

  • kitty

    +1 for the Ward Family YMCA. I joined in January and love it. The staff is friendly and knows the regulars, plus there is parking and a pool.

  • Woodland Park is a Columbus gem.

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