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Woodland Meadows site is now for sale

Walker Evans Walker Evans
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This article in yesterday’s Dispatch revealed that the old Woodland Meadows site has wrapped up with demolition and can now be sold to a new developer. The city paid $2.5 million to level the 52-acre housing complex over the past two years. The site previously housed 1,100 apartment units, and has already sparked the interest of several developers eyeing the land for something new. Does anyone have any predictions on what we might see developed here?

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  • surber17

    Where exactly is this?

  • surber17

    found this when looking for info on the property:


  • surber17

    I have no idea what other developers are thinking, but it seems to me like a perfect spot for a light rail hub/maintenance area.

  • Eastmoor could use a shot in the arm. The retail corridors, especially Main, need lots of help. The residential is surprisingly nice in comparison. Take Eastmoor Blvd. for example.

    Some low-density (higher than the usual single-family homes) is fine, but not in projects form. This is right on Bexley’s border, so that’s something developers can take advantage of.

  • Light rail storage yard / maintenance facility sounds good. Incidentally, this is the only rail line in the area already owned by the State. However, there is limited ROW west of Stelzer:

  • Woodland Meadows owner faces probe
    Indianapolis officials allege subsidy fraud
    Thursday,  March 5, 2009 11:41 PM

    The front man for the group that bought and presided over the decay and demise of the Woodland Meadows apartment complex on the East Side is the focus of a criminal investigation in Indiana.

    Indianapolis Housing Agency officials are investigating Jorge Newbery and others who they say have cheated the agency and the federal government out of $55,487 in housing subsidies for a now-boarded-up apartment complex, Keystone Towers.


  • Woodland Meadows: Big property draws no bid
    Saturday,  June 6, 2009 3:02 AM

    The future of Woodland Meadows, a parklike property since the removal of its notorious tenements, remains murky after it failed to sell at a foreclosure auction yesterday.

    The auditorium in the Franklin County Courthouse where the sheriff’s auction was held fell silent after a busy morning of bidding. Woodland Meadows was among the last of nearly 200 sales; a dozen people remained seated.


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