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Wood Companies Unveils Hubbard Park Place Renderings

Brent Warren Brent Warren Wood Companies Unveils Hubbard Park Place Renderings
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The Wood Companies brought new renderings for their Hubbard Park Place project to Thursday night’s Victorian Village Commission meeting. The development, which was first presented to the commission in October, would have approximately 100 apartment units, 10,000 square feet of office space and 155 parking spaces.

The project would sit at the corner of Park Street and Hubbard Avenue and feature brownstone-style townhomes in front of a seven story apartment and office building. Plans still call for one level of underground parking to extend across most of the site, while a second level would be above-grade and covered by a courtyard.

Commissioners at the October meeting praised the design in general but expressed concern about the height and appearance of the apartment tower. Wood Companies President Mark Wood said that the larger tower remains a concern of the commission, and that he plans to return to a future meeting with tweaks to the tower’s design.

In other Wood Companies news, the Italian Village Society voted at their February 11th meeting to send a letter to the Columbus Recreation and Parks Department recommending approval of an easement necessary for the Parkside on Pearl development to proceed. That development, which would sit at the corner of Hubbard and Pearl next to Italian Village Park and has stirred controversy in the neighborhood, has been approved by the Italian Village Commission.

Ongoing discussion about the Hubbard Park Place development can be found on our messageboard.

Renderings by Schooley Caldwell Associates.

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  • jpizzow

    Wow!! I mean WOW!! My heart just skipped a beat. That is one nice proposal. Now, let the density wars begin.

  • chupicabraz

    One of the design strategies was to break up the massing of the project so that while it takes up a whole block it appears as much more reasonably scaled grouping of buildings.

  • mbeaumont

    Really looks great! Can’t wait to see this happen. Another parking lot gone. Love it!

  • Yeah, looks like a great surface lot replacement to me. I love that the 2-level garage is covered by a second-story courtyard area. Looks like there is access to it from the outdoor staircase between the two townhome buildings from the Park Street side.

  • channelcity

    This is really nice and with the placement of the taller building in the back the impact should be minimal. They should produce a rendering from the street view (sidewalk) to better demonstrate how this fits in the community. If they do this for the commission it should relieve their concerns over the height. This will be a great addition for the area.

  • Mercurius

    It’s my opinion that Wood Companies always does a nice job on design. I love having the parking covered by a courtyard. I’ll be interested to see the renderings from the High Street side of the seven story tall building.

    I really love the building on that corner on High (The Winders Motor Company Building) and would be interested to see how it looks having a taller building behind it. It is very similar in height to the Parkside on Pearl proposal–but I fully expect the Haiku lot and building to eventually be redeveloped into something of similar density and height.

    I love the density and am looking forward to this surface lot disappearing. It should eventually improve my walk down Park St. to Goodale Park as that lot is currently an eyesore.

    Digressing, I am tired of people calling the Wood Company greedy (on Facebook, not CU.) As far as I can tell, they are using much better quality building materials and architects than other comparable projects in the Short North. They have a long history with the neighborhood and have thus far been good neighbors.

  • whopper jr

    This site is an opportunity to do something remarkable, and these renderings look promising. Density is nothing to be afraid of if done properly.

  • mbeaumont

    Big +1 to Mercurius and whopper jr.

  • Ned23

    I’m really glad they sorted this out. Seems like they too the time to get input from multiple parties and respond to concerns and were able (more or less) to come to consensus. Looks really good.

  • anillo

    Seconding that +1 to Mercurius, Wood Companies always seems to come out with very solid designs. I especially love the corners on the left-most building.

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