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Proposal Calls for Five-Story Building Across from Northstar

Brent Warren Brent Warren Proposal Calls for Five-Story Building Across from NorthstarRendering by Schooley Caldwell Associates.
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The pace of development in Italian Village shows no signs of slowing any time soon. Wood Companies has proposed a five-story mixed-use building for 940 North High Street – the concept will be presented at tomorrow’s Italian Village Commission meeting, where commissioners will also weigh in on Borror Properties’ six-story Pearl Alley proposal.

Both projects are classified as conceptual reviews and are likely to return to the commission in future months after feedback is given on the initial designs.

The Wood Companies project calls for the demolition of two existing single-story buildings, both set back from High Street with parking lots in front. The new building would feature three full floors of apartments above first floor retail – a fifth floor would hold a rooftop terrace over-looking High Street with two penthouse units in the rear.

Photo by Walker Evans.

Photo by Walker Evans.

All told, the building would hold 26 residential units, two retail storefronts of about 2,000 square feet each, and just under 40 parking spaces in the rear of the first floor and in a basement garage.

A conceptual rendering shows a traditional design with nods to the many historic brick buildings lining both sides of High Street in the Short North. It is also similar to the four-story Wood Companies Building across the street, in which the developer added three stories of apartments to existing first-floor retail.

Asked if the design is meant to mirror that building, Wood Companies President Mark Wood said; “we think the design will complement the building across the street, but will certainly have its own personality.”

For more updates and discussion of this project, CLICK HERE to visit our Messageboard.

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  • I’m sure some folks would like to see something more modern/diverse in the design, but I like the fact that it looks like a building that could have been there 100 years ago.

    • RellekOTE

      I completely agree… Unlike another certain building downtown (ahem, Highpoint), this is the right way to make a new ‘old’ building– provided the right materials and craftsmanship are utilized, of course. With Wood Co., I’m not worried about that.

    • davidhunegnaw

      Sure. Something more modern and diverse would be interesting, especially if the property could extend south to 1st/High intersection. However, given that this is a Wood Companies project, I trust the finished product will be great.

    • Seems to me that Wood Co. didn’t want to haggle over height on this one. ;)

  • Yeah, I think Wood Companies does a pretty decent job of providing density and mixed-use infill while respecting design aspects of the neighborhood.

  • Jason Powell

    It will be sad to see those two businesses go but I really like the detail of this building. In fact, I’m really hoping a precedent is being set for other developers based on the aesthetic of this building, the Northstar building, the two Lifestyle towers downtown and the Olympic Swim Club proposal – all of which incorporate a lot of that historic looking ornate detail. Now if only we could see some more cornerstone – a small detail that makes a world of difference. In fact, Highpoint would have benefited greatly from having just cornerstone added.

    • I don’t know for sure, but my guess is that some arrangements could be made for the businesses to be relocated into other available Wood Co. storefronts. All in all, this looks to be one of the best infill plans to date.

      • Yeah, it does suck for Brigade, who only relocated a little over a year ago to 940 North High. Hopefully all businesses displaced will be able to find a new spot to land nearby.

    • columbusmike

      A cornerstone? I don’t think this lot is on a corner?? Do you mean brick coins?

  • Mike88

    Love the design of this building and I love that it is replacing set back small structures. And a Rooftop Terrace??? How cool is that!

  • Simple and timeless design and detailing has always worked! like it!

  • chupicabraz

    “Modern and diverse” (glass and steel) can be problematic in getting through the Victorian Village or Italian Village commissions. The reason you see these buildings designed to look “old” is that the commissions look for buildings which are “contextually appropriate” to their surroundings.

  • Likes Old Houses

    I would be curious to see what the original building looked like on those sites, before the current buildings were built.

  • Bluehouse1065

    Flora is one of my favorite businesses in the Short North, and I for one think this sucks! My husband and I live in Italian Village, and last year we bought our Christmas tree there and had a blast walking it home. I know they say they will move it, but really, where is there another High St. storefront with a patio for plants and room for parking? How many faux old buildings with roof decks and first floor chain restaurants and banks do we need in the neighborhood??

    I am as happy as anyone to see the Short North grow (as a home owner I am well aware that a rising tide lifts all boats) but do we have to chase out everything that is unique and independently owned?

    • Flora could potentially find a new home off of High Street. We don’t need every great business in Columbus located directly on High.

  • CheeseFoodie

    Totally agree with Bluehouse – how many more “mixed use” apartment buildings do we need in the area. Starting to think the developers are using terms like infill and density as excuses to build what they want, not what we necessarily need in the long-term.

    • You don’t think that retail space and housing are long-term needs?

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