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Wonderland Plans to Relocate from Wonder Bread Building

Walker Evans Walker Evans Wonderland Plans to Relocate from Wonder Bread Building
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A press release went out this morning officially announcing that Wonderland would be abandoning plans to build an artist/creative space inside the former Wonder Bread building in Italian Village and are in the process of finding a new home. The high cost of the Wonder Bread building was cited as the main reason to seek a new location.

The full press release can be read below:

Wonderland Columbus to secure new facility

In the continuing efforts to create a physical home for Wonderland Columbus, to better fulfill its mission to offer Columbus new cultural, educational and collaborative opportunities, board and staff of the emerging non-profit are currently investigating a variety of locations around Columbus.

Initial plans to locate the project within the former Wonder Bread factory in the Short North ultimately proved unfeasible. Through a process involving input from independent property appraisers and several developers consulting with Wonderland, including a review of comparable properties in and around Downtown, it was determined that the final asking price for the building was not fiscally defensible for a tax-exempt organization seeking public support.

According to executive director Adam Brouillette, this development will do nothing to slow the projectʼs momentum and may help expedite Wonderlandʼs application for 501c3 non-profit status with the IRS.

The search for a new physical home for Wonderland Columbus has begun with the help of a committee of trusted advisors who have volunteered their time to the task. So far, several locations with great potential have been identified. The architecture firm of BBCO Design will remain with the project and is also assisting with the search effort.

“The community response to this project has been overwhelmingly positive,” Brouillette said. “Iʼm encouraged by the continued support Wonderland is getting in its efforts to find a new home. With the help of our community supporters, weʼll be able to create an even better asset than what we had planned before.”

Representatives from Wonderland will be available to the public for questions and feedback at a variety of upcoming programs on the Wonderland calendar, starting with the creative networking event Wunderblender August 2 at The Jury Room. Progress updates will also be shared at www.wonderlandcolumbus.com.

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  • anillo

    I hope something else cool gets put in the building eventually.

  • cc

    I think the way it was branded and marketed – Wonderland, as a project, was that building.  I think that Wonderland really needs to have some type of concrete focus and timetable or it will languish as a bunch of ephemeral fundraisers. There are other budding artist creatives in Columbus which also deserve our attention and funds.

  • jpizzow

    That’s right up there with the worst news I’ve heard all year. I wish them luck.

    Couple of suggestions:

    1. There is an old warehouse building on Front just south of Brewer’s Yard. Not sure if it’s vacant. Might be a good spot.

    2. Franklinton.

  • Parker

    They should come to Franklinton – we already have a vibrant artist community. I’m sure there is room for more!

  • matchew

    I agree with the post by cc. The branding and background of Wonderland really relied on the project being based in the Wonder Bread Factory. It is disappointing this space will go unused, but I agree, the project seemed to lack focus. Maybe they can join efforts with Junctionview Studios to help that space out. They seem to be similar in regards to their mission.

  • scosan

    it took the brain trust 2 or 3 years to figure this out. impressive

  • Here’s my humble opinion, hold on tight:  Start smaller, keep the Wonderland name and take over the now closed Wonder Bread Bakery Outlet at 1034 Harrisburg Pike, Columbus, OH

  • Just to be clear – the problem is not that it’s too expensive, it’s that the ROI the current owners want to see would be considered private inurement by the IRS and donor community…  Big huge difference.

  • John Lowe

    That is a shame. But great people with great ideas and great intentions. I look forward to seeing Wonderland ultimately successful in a different space.

  • This is a great project and I am excited to see where they relocate! Best of luck to the Wonderland team! :)

  • MichaelC

    Fifth and High. Start from scratch. Stay in the neighborhood.

  • We’re sorry to hear about this, but it is indeed an important project. We can’t wait to see what the next phase looks like, and to support them any way we can!

  • Come further up the Hill. I’m sure we could find some space for you guys in the Hilltop.

  • I’ve been cynical about the project simply because a fancy branding scheme with nothing but a concept in place is well…uhm, there’s not much else to say about it and that’s the problem.
    The installation art in Franklinton that I experienced during the Go West 2011 weekend was one of the most refreshing experiences I’ve had in town in a while.  Also…there was very little branding, very little hype.
    With that said, there are some minds and talents involved with Wonderland that I admire very much and whatever is learned from the situation…let it be what it is, I wish the best for this concept.  Point A doesn’t always lead to point B.  Perhaps something better will come from the struggle.  Something better always does.

  • lbl

    how about the long vacant Blue Box Bldg on E 2nd, just passed the RR Tracks going towards Cleve Ave.
    it would be a nice bridge between the Italian Village & the Milo neighborhood.
    a good size bldg on a large lot with a small out bldg in the back.

  • KingLincolnUrbanEnthusiast

    olde towne east might be a place to look

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