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Wonderland Explores Relocation to Franklinton

Walker Evans Walker Evans Wonderland Explores Relocation to Franklinton
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The much-discussed Wonderland creative space project may soon be one step closer to finding a home. After ditching plans in 2011 to renovate the former Wonder Bread bakery building in Italian Village, Wonderland board members and staff have been working on a relocation plan.

An emailed statement from the Board reads as follows:

“Our team is currently engaged in the research normally associated with commercial property reviews, such as environmental studies, surveys, feasibility planning and architectural planning. We won’t be announcing the relaunch of the project until we have completed due diligence. This process could take several months.”

While official details continue to remain scarce, there will be an ordinance on the table tonight at a Columbus City Council meeting that proposes a grant agreement between the Columbus Department of Development and Wonderland for the designation of a brownfield assessment for the building located at 500 West Broad Street. If authorized by City Council, the Green Columbus Fund Program will allot up to $48,825 for the process.

“The Green Columbus Fund is a tool City Council and the Mayor can use to have a positive impact on neighborhood redevelopment and encourage economic growth,” said Councilmember Zach Klein, who has sponsored the ordinance. “The possibility of having a project like Wonderland leading the rebirth of Franklinton, particularly the East Franklinton area that is receiving so much attention now, is exciting and is a great indicator of things to come for that community.”

For now though, that possibly of Wonderland setting up shop in Franklinton remains little more than an exploration in options. The team behind the project is reluctant to provide any additional details as to how they might utilize the building or what the redevelopment of the site would look like.

“We are investigating a property in Franklinton and working through the appropriate research we need to do to find out if it is where we will go,” said Wonderland Executive Director Adam Brouillette in statement issued in regards to the grant. “Any assumptions beyond us doing our homework on a location would be inaccurate.”

More information can be found online at www.wonderlandcolumbus.com.


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