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Wireless Internet at Easton

Anne Evans Anne Evans
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I just read an ad in the Dispatch that all of Easton now has wireless internet access. “The largest free wireless hotspot in Central Ohio.” Has anyone checked this out yet?

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  • Kiddquikk


    chances are those fools dont have a secure network either :twisted:

  • Walker

    well, if their security over there is anything like it is at the Limited’s HQ buildings right on the other side of 270, it should be VERY tight. They’ve become sticklers for security in the last year or so…

    If you check it out, let us know. I’m tempted to swing by there with my laptop sometime…. :D

  • bayrea

    I’m tempted to swing by there with my laptop sometime….

    Aren’t you going to feel a little awkward looking at porn in the middle of The Gap????


  • Walker

    not in the least! ;)

    (and technically… it’s baby gap) :twisted:

  • dejitaru

    Yea I noticed the wireless a little while ago its nice.They dont seem to be running any kind of WEP encryption but the internal network is pretty secure and its pretty damn fast. I was only able to test the coverage on the inside of the mall so im not able to speak on the coverage of the north and south ends. But yea im a huge nerd! lol. Its nice to be able to sit at the mall and get some web surfing action goin on while people watching.Hopefully laptop toting wont bring that nerd stigma though as time goes by and more people adopt WIFI.

  • Anne

    what’s wrong with nerds? :wink:


  • dejitaru

    heh…. nothing at all! Although I have been noticing as of late its been a bit trendy to be nerdy which is fine by me kinda helps the old school nerds get by easier :)

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