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Whole Foods Dublin Opens In-Store Gastropub “The Local”

Walker Evans Walker Evans Whole Foods Dublin Opens In-Store Gastropub “The Local”
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Eager to stay ahead of the dining-inside-the-grocery-store trend, Whole Foods Dublin is opening “The Local” today, an in-store gastropub concept where customers can enjoy a drink or a bar snack before, after or during their shopping.

“We’re always looking to provide an innovative and special experience for our customers,” said Tiffany Smith, Marketing Team Leader at Whole Foods Market Dublin. “In-store dining venues create a good energy and are the best way for us to celebrate food.”

The Local features twelve draft beers including regional drinks from The Columbus Brewing Company, The Rivertown Brewing Company in Cincinnati, The Elevator Brewing Company and others from Ohio, Michigan and Kentucky. The Local will also serve wine and Brother’s Drake mead on tap.

The menu at the new in-store restaurant will feature locally inspired upscale bar snacks, an all-organic coffee bar and other seasonal and speciality options.

“Several other Whole Foods Market stores have opened pubs, and each is unique, but ours is special because it is the brain-child of our team and it includes a complete food menu where many of the other stores stick to beer, wine and organic coffee,” said Smith. “Everything was created by us at The Local – the décor, layout of the venue, art design, menu, recipes, beer and wine choices – were all innovations by team members at the Dublin store.”

The Local is open daily from 11 am to 9 pm and features happy hour pricing from 4pm to 6pm, Monday through Friday, which includes $3 wines on tap, $2 Ohio brews and $3 bar snacks.

To view photos from the grand opening celebration of The Local, CLICK HERE.

More information can be found online at www.wholefoodsmarket.com.

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  • mrmann

    I went with a friend who is a regular Whole Foods shopper. I don’t think I would do it again. It doesn’t shake the feel of being in a grocery store and it kind of reminded me of hitting the bar at an airport terminal before a flight.

    The Giant Eagle Market District deals with similar issues, but seems better suited to the ‘dining in a grocery store’ model. That is, if I had to choose a grocery store to eat in.

  • I am a big fan of dining in a grocery store. The Giant Eagle Market District and the Kroger in the Brewery District are wonderful places to go for lunch during the week or on the weekend while doing my shopping.

    Having said that, I have never tried one of these concepts for dinner, but I am open to the idea.

  • susank

    +1 Love the Market Districts!

  • Yeah great! If you have ever been to the huge whole foods in Austin you know that they have a full pub, and like 4 other full scale diners / places to eat.

    I think this is a great addition and would love to see a few more pop up in their, the sandwich bar would be great.

    If you have never eaten food that whole foods cooks on site, you are really missing out, get over any weird issue you have with “eating in a grocery store” and do your self a favor. Great food.

  • sabele

    The food at the “cafe” near the cheese in the Dublin whole foods (apologies, the name escapes me) is delicious! Service is good, and the ability to drink a great bottle of wine at retail price is killer! We eat there often and really enjoy it. On a busy Wed night we can have a great dinner, a nice wine at a reasonable price AND pick up a quart of milk on the way out. Highly recommend if you haven’t tried it. The concept does seem weird at first, but it works.

  • romanh

    As though supermarkets weren’t hotspots for singles already…this is brilliant. Furthermore, building up an appetite from a couple of pints and buying bags of snacks that you wouldn’t otherwise purchase brings in even extra cash for the store.

    Now the million dollar idea is to combine this with speed and online dating next to the pharmacy.

  • TomsFoodieBlog

    Looks very similar to the one we just opened in Orange County California! Great write up! Check my review of the store in OC http://tomsfoodieblog.com/2012/09/25/whole-foods-newport-beach-oasis-for-foodies-hipsters-and-desperate-housewives/

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