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Whitehall looking for new ways to make a comeback

Walker Evans Walker Evans
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From The Dispatch:

Whitehall just wants a little respect back
By Elizabeth Gibson

Whitehall city officials have tried before to recapture a glimmer of a bygone era, including launching a marketing campaign that never completely took off for the city’s golden anniversary in 1997. They gathered again last week to consider how to improve the city’s public image and quality of life. City Council members said they love the character of the town, but they’d appreciate a little respect for recent improvements.

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  • What character? And with their housing stock they’ll never be another Upper Arlington. Ever. But (more) seriously, Whitehall serves as yet another example of just how disposable car-oriented places are. Too high a concentration of low-quality rentals can’t help either. It has become dumpy and rough as new shiny sprawl (which faces a similar or worse fate) pushes out east to Pickerington. Just go down Broad or Main to see the decline of Whitehall for yourself. Of interest is the Indochine Cafe (haven’t been yet) and other ethnic offerings mainly on Hamilton. Obviously, Whitehall should be looking at nearby Bexley and do what it can to be less car-oriented while promoting its handful of unique destinations. Did you know, for instance, there’s a norteño clothing store on Main for your cowboy hat needs? CU meetup at the Silent Woman bar or a bowling alley?

  • This is one neighborhood that I’ve spent very little time examining, and it seems to not get much press at all. I sometimes forget that it is a separate city like Bexley or Upper Arlington.

  • I think the issues facing Whitehall are some of the same facing other parts of our city-very poor planning. Most of the retail establishments are big box and strip mall. Get in and get out. The main drags include Broad and Hamilton. Not a “friendly” streetscape to navigate. 

  • jadedhack

    columbusite – dumpy and rough?  ya think?  i think maybe a little under-maintained and in need of a little TLC would be more appropriate.

    yes the shopping is strip mall stores and “big box” stores too, but, ummmm, doesnt UA’s Lane Ave look the same? 

    i described our street in Whitehall in the “best neighborhoods for real estate investment” and no one really seemed to care.  what is described of Whitehall in this article is positive, they are looking to advance their own cause and revitalize itself and the comments are all negative??  OTE organizations say they’re “doing things” and people hail it as “up and coming.”   Whitehall says they’re looking to re-energize and you say “no way, not gonna happen.  

    well, i say, piss off, i LOVE living where i do and your little bike-riding communities can shove it. haha

  • jadedhack Says: this article is positive, they are looking to advance their own cause and revitalize itself and the comments are all negative??

    My comment wasn’t negative. I really don’t know much about this area, and I was hoping some people who lived there that post on CU could possibly be ambassadors and help explain what’s going on, what’s already looking good over there, and what still needs to be done.

    jadedhack Says: well, i say, piss off…

    Well ok then.

  • jadedhack

    notice the haha, walker.  it just irks me that when communities are discussed on here, the only posts people respond to concern IV, VV, downtown, OTE, and Gerbil Village.  i have commented on our neighborhood, but, like you, no one really knows the area.  if people didnt ride their bikes everywhere, maybe they’d know there is a Columbus outside of VV…

  • While those neighborhoods do get a lot of attention (because there is generally a lot more news-worthy activity in them) we do regularly discuss other neighborhoods here. I guess I was looking for someone from Whitehall to offer a more educational approach to this topic instead of sweeping generalizations about all CU posters based on the comments of one particular person. Because looking back at Lo2W’s post, I don’t think any thing he said was meant to sound negative either… more observational about the issues/challenges that Whitehall faces in implementing new development plans as mentioned in the original article.

    Anyway, I don’t live that far from Whitehall, I drive a car, I still know very little about the neighborhood, and I doubt I’m the only one.

  • jadedhack

    well, i will be sure to help do my part to inform as i learn more about my new neighborhood.  we JUST moved there, so as i learn, i shall teach. 

  • Didn’t mean to come off negative. I lived in the Eastmoor/Bexley-ish area growing up, had a few friends out in Whitehall and when I swam summer league would head out to Swimland for meets.

    My comments were just a general impression of Whitehall. I think there are good pockets there, but the overall impressions typically isn’t that great. Much of your retail there isn’t designed to keep people around much longer than the 20-30 minutes they are popping into Wall Mart or stopping at Sonic. Whitehall doesn’t have to be bikeable (maybe I’ll throw a route together for a Whitehall ride after the Hilltop one), but it could stand to change things around to make the neighborhood much more cohesive. Laugh all you want at bike-more so pedestrian-accomadations and infrastructure, but the neighborhoods that are doing well here are the ones that get you walking around.


    You can see my comments about other “suburban” areas-notable my impressions with Canal Winchester. I would honestly be happy with living in the old, downtown-central CW area. Plenty to walk and bike to, transit access to Columbus. It’s a liveable community that had good planning. Some of it along Gender is starting to sprawl a bit, but it’s not as bad as others.

  • jaded hack, the gerbil village comment is really not needed here. doesn’t speak well to your character.

  • jawjack187

    Whitehall is decent for what it is. Town and Country needs a bit more help. The neighborhoods themselves are not as bad as one would think. It is good to see the schools are doing a little better. It needs some work though, as does every neighborhood.

  • my mother has lived in whitehall for about 9 years now, she lives on fairway blvd which is in my opinion one of the most beautiful streets in that section of the east side. head a few streets to the west and its a whole different world. the lack of sidewalks on fairway dont make it very ped friendly but the residents like it that way im sure.

  • gerbil village wow thats a new one whitehall does have potential but due to the current economic state of this city i do not and will not hold my breath 

  • jadedhack

    sorry about the Gerbil Village comment.

  • Not really a ton of info, but I figured I’d start throwing some links up for people looking for more info:




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