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White Castle Opening New High Street Location Near OSU

Walker Evans Walker Evans White Castle Opening New High Street Location Near OSU
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After the Old North Columbus White Castle location closed in 2010 and the Short North White Castle followed suit in 2016 (albeit temporarily), there’s been a shortage of places near The Ohio State University to seek out sliders. That will soon change, as White Castle has unveiled intentions to open a new location on High Street in the near future.

According to plans submitted to the University Area Review Board, White Castle is slated to open at 2106 North High Street in a former Radio Shack location. Zach Schiff — Partner at Schiff Properties, the owner of the commercial building — confirmed that the store would be a fairly traditional location for the hamburger chain, although submitted plans indicate that an upper seating level will provide 28 customers with second-floor seating that overlooks High Street.

Representatives from White Castle did not respond to inquiries as of the time of publishing, and no opening timeframe has been announced. The University Area Review Board will meet to review the White Castle submission on Thursday.

For more information, visit www.whitecastle.com.


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  • Indyout

    Nice..Just another step to true Urbanization… Whether some want to except it or not..

    • Pete

      What, exactly, does that mean? Not sure I get it.

    • #diyMATT

      ur·ban·i·za·tion – the process of making an area more urban

      I don’t recall the area being barren and farm like. It’s been urbanized years ago. what are you going on about?

  • Chris

    Fast food has a useful place along N. High Street. I miss the Short North WC at 2nd Ave, along with the former Wendy’s and Taco Bell, just south of the gateway. This new WC doesn’t fill in for those, but at least its another offering along N. High, along with the just-announced Chick-Fil-A. It’s nice to have lots of choices!

    • FWIW — The Short North WC will return in the new building, and the Taco Bell will be back as well: http://www.columbusunderground.com/taco-bell-cantina

      I’m kind of surprised we haven’t heard anything on the South Campus Wendy’s though. I kind of assumed they might make a return within the Highline on Nine, the same way they did in the View on High. Still could happen!

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