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Where can I find free birthday meals in Columbus?

bjboose bjboose
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So, my birthday is coming up next week and I’m wondering where I can get some good food deals? I got a free stir fry from mongolian bbq and a buy-one-burrito-get-one free from Qdoba sent to my email.

Are there any other places (preferrably downtown) where I can get some free/cheap food? Doesn’t sugar or spice give out a free meal for your b-day? I know i read an article about birthday meals in the Alive or Other months ago, but I can’t seem to rememeber…

I’m hungry.

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  • Coremodels
  • Walker

    I’d say probably your best bet is to pick a handful of restaurants that you like the best and give them a call to ask. Some places will just give you a free dessert or something, but if you’re going to a place you enjoy anyway that might be all it takes.


  • WildmanDan

    I find it you frequent places enough, you will tend to get that free meal. I tested it last year and was able to get that and at least a few free rounds for a whole week from different places in the Short North where I live and hang out. My birthday is in a couple weeks, but I doubt I will try that experiment again. Just maybe the day before, day of and after this time. :wink:

  • Brewmaster

    Whenever I make reservations on http://www.opentable.com for a special occasion, I’ll write about it in the “comments” section. This worked like a charm when we were on our honeymoon in NYC, and for anniversaries and b-days. You can always count on free dessert and sometimes a free first course or dessert wine.

  • bjboose

    Thanks. I go to Ted’s Montana Grille by the Arena the most, but everything I go the first thing I hear is “Have you ever been to Ted’s before?” Yes, I have. Can I please have more pickles?

    The spice thing is good deal…

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