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What’s New at HighBall in 2011?

Walker Evans Walker Evans What’s New at HighBall in 2011?
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The simple answer to that question is… a lot!

The fourth annual HighBall Masquerade on High returns this Friday to offer an estimated 20,000 costumed patrons another opportunity to party in the streets and celebrate the local arts, culture and fashion of the Halloween holiday.

This year’s festivities are relocating again with a move up High Street to the northern end of the district at Fifth Avenue. The main stage will be located in the parking lot at the northeast corner of Fifth and High, which is where both the fashion show and costume contests will take place.

Additional entertainment will be scattered along a two block stretch of High Street (which will be closed to vehicular traffic) and includes drink stations, LED screens projecting the action on the main stage, theatrical performances from local performing arts groups, 15-foot tall giant “body puppets” created by the Columbus Idea Foundry, live glow-in-the-dark street mural painting and more.

More entertainment can also be found in the neighboring bars, restaurants and businesses including Skully’s Music Diner, Surly Girl Saloon, The Garden Theatre, Circus, Barrel 44 and more.

General admission to Highball is $5 and tickets can be purchased at the gate. Highball 2011 takes place from 5pm to 1am on Friday, October 28th.

More information can be found online at www.HighballHalloween.com.

Photo by Mike Beaumont.

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  • More info on my contribution to the event found here.

    A 8×28 foot zombie portrait of local artist and musician Gretchen King of Phantods fame painted all in uv reactive aerosol paints and processes. Watch out for a show stealing transformation from CoCo Loupe and dancers at a random point of the night I don’t even know when it will happen. sneak peeks can be found on my Facebook page.

    More info on all of the designers involved including the awesome: Lindsay Hearts, Crys Lappie, and Kelly Martin can be found on the blog spot as well if your looking for more detailed information. http://highballcbus.blogspot.com/ 

  • cc

    I think the highlight of the night will be the amazing stuff from the Columbus Idea Foundry.

  • JohnAngelo

    Walker, thanks for sharing this HighBall post.
    Our blog also has many robust articles about what’s new this year.
    We had an amazing final group meeting tonight with our production team… over 40 folks taking on key elements of the event. We have some brilliant talent behind the scenes: Erin Corrigan creating our website, Timothy Wolf Starr managing the food court, Helen Dell navigating entertainment, Kim Crabtree as Production Manager, Suzie Simpson as Stage Manager, Carmen Owens on special business features, and on and on.
    Having launched HighBall and produced the followup in 2009, I have to say that I’m astounded how far the event has come. This year we’re celebrating tremendous partnerships with CATCO, BalletMet, Olympic Theatre Productions, Imagine Productions, the Short North Stage, Amazing Giants, Columbus Idea Foundry, and many others. Our designers are going places we thought would take us years to reach. Tina Matthews, Lindsay Hearts, Arron James, Crys Lappie, Jennifer Carlson, Kelli Martin and Sharon Stewart are rocking it out with dramatic couture costumes… one clocking in at almost 12 feet in height (not that size is everything!). Check out the covers of this week’s alive! AND Weekender for sneak previews.
    Our biggest shout-out, however, has to go to pagetech, limited. This year’s stage is completely off the hook. John Page and his team are lettin’ it fly with a 76-foot runway connecting a front stage with a rear stage, full trussing with intelligent lighting, giant video screen and the whole thing interconnected to two remote jumbo LED screens… with distributed sound throughout the event space. High Street is going to be electric. Add in the energy of Stonewall’s party, The Garden Theatre’s party, Skully’s throw-down, Surly Girl’s crush and The Garden emporium’s “glow” scene… and you’re just a stone’s throw away from a New Orleans total immersion!

  • ohiogirlie74

    Any idea which streets will be closed, and when?

  • I believe that the closings are spread out in 30 min intervals. High Street between 4th and 5th will be closed at 6pm and by the start of the event everything 1 block from 5th and High should be closed for the event till 1am.

  • Should add some bike parking for next year. Shoot me a PM.

  • I got transformation pics.  If anyone knows who I should send those to, send me a PM.

  • @BCN I’m guessing John Angelo

  • leftovers

    Are the Idea Factory Puppets roaming or will there be a show?

  • I believe they will be roaming the streets. :D

  • JohnAngelo

    You are correct Walker. The stilters and the puppets will be making appearances throughout the evening… buzzing around the main stage and sauntering around under the arches!

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