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Weinland Park Development Plans Moving Forward

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It’s almost spring and the happy sounds of economic development fill the air in Weinland Park.

The plans for the new Kroger at 7th and High are moving through the University Area Commission review board and the City permitting process. Pictured (PDF) is the most recent Kroger incarnation. The building will be sited where the parking lot is currently located.

The Columbus Coated Fabric site is about to have the concrete pads and foundations removed. The concrete will be ground back into aggregate for reuse. This phase will take about two months. Grant Ave will be closed again when the contractors start the grinding. There is some subsurface remediation that will take place at the same time. It remains to be seen whether the grinding will drown out the sounds of construction on the Jackson or vice versa.

Next stop, infrastructure.

Although it’s been seeing some action the building complex on the northeast corner of 5th and N. 4th is not being redeveloped at the present time. (This does not include Woody & Joe’s, Weinland Parks premier BBQ experience, and a separate lot) The work that has been going on there is to scrap out the metal inside. If anyone is looking for a development opportunity this is your chance to move in before it gets wildly popular.

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  • Nice renderings of the Kroger! I’m really excited to see that location get a total revamp. :D

  • So how long does it take from permit to ground breaking?  Could we see bulldozers in the next month or so?

  • Can’t wait for this!

  • rave_til_dawn

    This is great news!  Glad this is still moving forward.

  • jpizzow

    it’s about bloody time.

  • Jefe

    If I remember correctly, the project was going to take 9 months to construct—but I have no idea when construction might begin. Soon, please! I can’t wait for the redo to be my neighborhood store.

  • Urban Dansigner

    They could possibly attain their permits by late spring/ early summer , start construction and be operational by Fall of 2010 … all of this is a big IF.  The drawings are indeed looking very good.

  • Why would the permits take so long?  If they applied today, I dont see why they couldnt be approved by end-of-week.  Things like this need to be fast-tracked and if they’re not names should be named on who is holding it up.

    BTW, as a person who automates manual systems for a living, this entire process could be automated and permits could be applied for and approved in less than 24 hours easily.

    Looks like I’m starting a consulting company and this is job one.

  • jt thompson

    this is fantastic news!  my kroger curse may finally end.  when i lived in schumaker pl the closest walkable grocery was livingston and parsons, yuck.  since moving to the short north it has been the 7th ave store, not much better.

  • Urban Dansigner

    No permit could be approved for a complex development like Kroger, etc. in 24 hours. You are looking at 70,000 square feet (+/-) in two buildings on a 3.5 acre site.

    Think of the approvals necessary: Water, sewer, building, fire, traffic, refuse, zoning.
    The plan checkers at all points have to be thorough and assure that the buildings promote the health, safety and welfare for the citizens of the City of Columbus, they take their work seriously. In other words the buildings must meet the various building/zoning/fire codes.

    suber17 … Have you ever designed and permitted a building?

  • Pablo

    Good news indeed!  IMO the scale and feel of High St. will be greatly improved with the buildings moved to the R/W line.  Is there a site plan?

  • no ….. thats why i asked

    also, 24 hours was a joke; a week wasnt.

  • I live almost across from here, so it’s nice to see this hasn’t been forgotten, but can they start already? How is it possible after all this time that they haven’t already gone through the process of obtaining a permit? Oh well, if they get around to it somewhat soon this year I’ll be happy. My beefs are small; a residential component would have been nice (big-city like) and the northern stretch is just a wall. Couldn’t they switch a window or two instead of putting all of them on the southern side?

    Now who’s going to fill in those new retail spots at Smith and High? I know I’d like a bar option, especially when it’s in the single digits like it’s supposed to be tonight. A clothing store would be nice too. And maybe even a late-night coffee shop?

  • lizless

    I am so excited about this! Cannot wait to ride my bicycle past the progress to and from work this spring and summer.

  • bjboose

    yes! I live a block away and am ecstatic to see this is happening and not getting pushed off due to the economy!

  • beersie1

    Anyone hear of any updates on this?

  • jpizzow

    Anybody have any updates on the Kroger redevelopment. I thought it would have been underway by now.

  • Ohio_JeRK

    I was wondering that same…where does this project stand?

  • I actually emailed Kroger about it the other day, but haven’t heard an update. Will post something if I hear anything. Will probably be faster to check with the University District or Weinland Park commission-type folks though. :P

  • From tonight’s City Council Meeting Update:

    CRAIG SUPPORTING PRIVATE INVESTMENT ALONG HIGH STREET CORRIDOR:  Columbus is prepared to sell a city-owned parcel to Kroger to help support the company’s plans to redevelop their property located at 1350 North High Street.  Ordinance 1527-2008, sponsored by Public Service & Transportation Committee Chair Hearcel F. Craig, will authorize the city to transfer the right-of-way to The Kroger Company.  The Land Review Commission has valued the 20-foot wide alley at $16,278.  Kroger’s is planning a major redevelopment investment at King and High and this parcel will allow them to build a new store closer to the street.  Through Kroger’s commitment and work with neighborhood stakeholders, the new store will provide continuity at this important anchor intersection that connects the Short North to The Ohio State University area.

  • City requests $64.8 million for housing projects
    Friday,  July 31, 2009 3:08 AM

    Columbus’ application for $64.8 million in federal money to help neighborhoods struggling with foreclosures and vacant homes includes $10.3 million to help bankroll a University District development.

    Wagenbrenner Development is building 305 houses and 300 apartments on the former Columbus Coated Fabrics site along N. Grant Avenue between E. 5th and E. 11th avenues, according to the city’s application. The federal neighborhood-stabilization money would help develop 201 units, most of them apartments aimed at middle-class renters.


  • Hmm, still looks like nothing is happening with the Kroger. Might want to shop elsewhere until they show they are committed. Even though it’s across the street, I’m going to spend my money at other grocery stores.

  • beersie1

    1 year later, am keeping my fingers crossed for some Kroger progress this spring.  Anyone hear any updates?

  • econJoe

    COTA moved the bus stop that was in front of the Kroger at 7th and N. High a bit farther south, and posted a sign that reads: “This bus stop has been temporarily relocated…for approximately one year during the new Kroger’s construction.”

  • heresthecasey

    heres the link to COTA’s commuter bulliten, hopefully this means all things are a go!

  • beersie1

    I’m a total broken record about this- but just seeing if anyone has any more news on the Weinland Park Kroger development?  Last I heard they were going through the review process with slightly down-sized plans? 

    Until then, I’ll have to be happy with the local “roge” that I’ve got.
    (the K and r have been burnt out on the sign for a good while now.)

  • From the Dispatch…

    OSU-area Kroger renovation to begin

    By Marla Matzer Rose

    Kroger is ready to go ahead with plans to rebuild its High Street store just south of the Ohio State University campus, about two years after renovation was first discussed.


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