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Weinland Park Area Profiled in Today’s Dispatch

Walker Evans Walker Evans
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The slowly transforming Weinland Park area located immediately southeast of The Ohio State University just got a big neighborhood profile feature in today’s Dispatch. The article spends most of the time detailing the problems the area faces with crime and poverty, but does make a small mention of some of the ongoing revitalization efforts, which include:

  • The redevelopment of the Weinland Park Kroger
  • The cleanup of the Columbus Coated Fabrics site for housing development
  • New retail development along High Street
  • The removal of Section 8 Housing on 11th Avenue
  • Discussions on making Fourth and Summit streets two-way
  • Expansion of the South Campus Gateway

Weinland Park also has the distinction of being tied for the highest walkscore with Victorian Village. If you haven’t taken a look at the Weinland Park Neighborhood Plan (PDF) in awhile, then perhaps today is a good day for a refresher.

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  • mrsgeedeck

    We’ve looked at several houses in the area, and for the most part have liked many of them. The biggest deterrent is some of the sketchier elements. I think once the major redevelopment projects start Weinland Park will start looking a lot more attractive to people who want to live in Vic Village, but can’t quite afford the current housing prices.
    Personally, I’d rather see the light rail installed either on Summit or Fourth, I think it would help the traffic issues on both streets and help with the revitalization of that area.

  • not really sure of any traffic issues on 4th or 3rd. i use those routes instead of 71 everyday. hardly ever any traffic at all.

  • rory

    There have been some interesting twists since some of those stories were published. The Section 8 housing on 11th, which is supposed to be the site of an expanded gateway-style project of high-density student housing is actually completely composed of  contributing elements of a National Register of Historic Places District. The developers would have to get permission from the Historic commission to tear it down.  It seems short-sighted to tear down something unique that has Federal tax credits coming to it. However, I’m sure that 40 years ago there was a contingent that thought bulldozing German Village was a great idea.

    Unrelated or not Campus Partners has also started to buy houses on N. 5th and 6th in Weinland Park.

    The two-way conversion of Summit and North Fourth gets stranger all the time. The Transportation Division of the city continues to state that they are waiting for possible stimulus money for the streetcar. Then they will decide about plans for the Summit/N. 4th two-way conversion. COTA, replying to a request from the Weinland Civic Association Mobility Plan Steering Committee stated that they’ve spent their stimulus money and that the streetcar “is not imminent”, and whatever happens 4th and Summit were only two of a couple possible routes. This has been in the Dispatch a couple times. So why repeat it. Because the city continues to tell Weinland Park residents that there can’t be a conversion because of the streetcar but if there isn’t a streetcar then what’s the real reason?

  • jeffz

    This is definitely an area I’m keeping my eye on.  Probably can’t afford a first home in Vic Village, Harrison West or Italian Village, but would love to stay in the area.  Also would prefer a house to condo.  I’m sure there are many others like me, and the players in the Weinland Park-area would be wise to do what it can to draw in our demographic.  Of course, how best to do that is the real question…

  • KyleEzell

    Please hurry, new Weinland Park Kroger.

  • COTA also stated that regardless of a conversion, it has no real impact on possible rail there. The city also stated they have no money for a conversion, but like I stated before, they sure do have the money for adding a few lanes each to Hard Rd and Hilliard-Rome Rd. They won’t even consider looking into less-expensive measures for calming traffic a bit on Summit and 4th. What does that tell you?

    As far as cheaper housing, what about east Italian Village? I wouldn’t think it could cost that much to get a home there.

  • rory

    Columbusite, I think we’re in the same lane.

    Milo-Grogan is east of Italian Village. It is indeed cheap to buy a house there but it lacks the charm of someplace like Weinland Park or German Village.

  • Milo-Grogan housing stock isn’t as good as Weinland Park’s and East IV feels more like MG than the Shorth North, but people love Merion Village which has rather vanilla housing stock. The SW portion of MG ain’t bad at all, but personally, I just cringe at thinking about moving day at one of those homes perched on a hill along 2nd Ave, unless you’re able to have easy access to the rear. While I love the urban pioneers along E 5th in WP, I’d like to see some focus on SW MG which holds the most potential to become much better than any other corner of the neighborhood (excellent proximity to the Short North and Downtown). There are only a handful of good urban buildings on Cleveland Ave (especially the one which was the Columbus Electric building) which would need to be filled in and unlike WP, you can buy a home for under $2,000 , but that may just be the east side of the neighborhood which sees more crime (projects you know), but is thankfully cut off by I-70. Just to clarify, I’m sure without it that the neighborhood would be better off without it, but with the changes that came with it ended with the current state of the area.

  • mrsgeedeck, I live on chittenden east of fourth (the 11th ave apartments are behind me).  I’ve not found it to be sketchy.  I walk home  late at night at least a few times a week, and hang out on my porch daily, and have never had a problem.

    jeffz , I’d highly recommend moving into the neighborhood.  I love it here.

    KyleEzell , What the heck is the news with the new Kroger? I thought it was supposed to be ready by winter…

    Columbusite , before living in  the Weinland area, I lived in Milo-Grogan  on 2nd Ave, right off of Cleveland.  I loved it there too.  it was very close to Columbus State and downtown. I like the Weinland area and I feel closer to OSU and Short North.  We are lucky Columbus has so many great neighborhoods.

  • howatzer

    Developer expanding Weinland project
    Thursday, September 3, 2009 3:21 AM
    By Mark Ferenchik

    Another vacant, battered factory site in one of the city’s poorest neighborhoods along E. 5th Avenue might become home to new residences and stores.

    The Wagenbrenner Co. wants to spend $12 million to redevelop the blighted property at the northeast corner of N. 4th Street and E. 5th Avenue in the Weinland Park neighborhood. Plans call for one building with 42 residences above 17,500 square feet of retail space, and another with 30 residences above 12,500 square feet of retail space.


  • Sounds like that project is finally moving forward. Good to hear!

    I’m sure the city will probably be pitching in for some infrastructure improvements along 5th Avenue through there. I hope they pull out all the stops. That’s one of the roughest stretches of road in the area. Full of potholes, weird traffic patterns and narrow sidewalks. A good overhaul could really help making these new Weinland Park developments much more attractive.

  • Full-court press to transform the struggling neighborhood near OSU
    Sunday, November 7, 2010

    Two symbols of the blight plaguing the Weinland Park neighborhood soon will be reduced to dust. A pair of brick apartment buildings, long vacant and covered with graffiti, are scheduled to be demolished Nov. 15 and replaced with as many as 12 market-rate houses.


  • From the Dispatch…
    Changes in Weinland Park may chase away some residents
    Activists worry that the poor will be pushed out as the area between OSU and the Short North is redeveloped
    By Mark Ferenchik
    As landlords buy and fix up homes, and as civic leaders chart a new course for the Weinland Park neighborhood north of Downtown, some residents such as Leannette Lyles are being pushed out.

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