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Waffle House Coming Soon to OSU Campus Area

Walker Evans Walker Evans Waffle House Coming Soon to OSU Campus Area
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Good news for breakfast enthusiasts that live near The Ohio State University campus! According to an article in today’s Business First (subscription only), Waffle House is planning on opening a shop at 1712 North High Street, next door to the Newport Music Hall.

Traditionally known for their rural and suburban restaurants with accommodations for semi truck parking and easy highway access, this new store is the first “urban” restaurant in the Central Ohio market. The Georgia-based chain has urban stores in Downtown and Midtown Atlanta.

The new store will be the 17th location in Central Ohio.

More info can be found online at www.WaffleHouse.com.

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  • Where the String Shop was?

  • NerosNeptune

    Thank you God, for finally answering all those prayers

  • jpizzow

    This is the first respectable place since Steak n Shake closed to dine and dash.

  • cc

    Great location for something like this, too bad it is a little far to stagger to for typical post bar hopping SN’ers.

  • Chaptal – Yeah, that’s what it sounds like. That new building that went in that spot.

  • Yeah, this is a good location, but I’d still rather go local with Buckeye Donuts for an overnight breakfast.
    If Waffle House is a really big draw, it might not bode well for Eggfast just around the corner on 12th Ave.

  • cbus11

    Does Eggfast still have a delivery option? Hopefully that will set them apart as they are different business models. A bit of competition might cause Eggfast to improve.

    On the other side, I don’t think Buckeye Donuts has anything to worry about.

  • heresthecasey

    Eggfast sucks. Bring on Waffle House!

  • leftovers

    If Waffle House delivered they would destroy Eggfast. Eggfast serves a really low quality product.

  • carson1221

    That’s the one thing that the Short North has always missed out on – a 24 hour breakfast place. I thought maybe Goody Boy would have ventured into the late night breakfast crowd but not the case. Waffle House may not be a stumbling spot from the Short North but it’s still a quick cab ride.

  • MichaelC

    Agreed that SN needs an accessible diner.
    Thrilled that Waffle House is venturing into the neighborhood. I go to school across the street and will be fattening myself up on waffles and hashbrowns as much as possible.
    Regarding Eggfast, the hashbrowns are great; the rest, I agree, is not the highest quality.

  • How will this affect Mr. Eggs?

  • Kiril

    Hash browns scattered all the way. yes please!

  • cheap

    just ate at WH last night
    ribeye,eggs,hash browns and a waffle for $10
    cant beat that with a hockey stick

  • osharpiv

    Interesting, This will go great on campus, especially for the students who go out all the time… I’m sure it will do great …

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