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Vienna Ice Cafe Opening Soon in Clintonville

Walker Evans Walker Evans Vienna Ice Cafe Opening Soon in Clintonville
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The recent closure of Denise’s Ice Cream left a dessert-shaped hole in the Clintonville dining scene, but thankfully that absence didn’t last long. The owners of Mozart’s Bakery & Piano Cafe (located just up the street) are launching the Vienna Ice Café, a new ice cream shop that will open on July 1st.

“I viewed the store in March and immediately decided an ice cream franchise might be the best bet,” said Anand Saha, co-owner of Mozart’s Bakery. “However, I learned just how easy it would be to produce our own ice cream with the equipment in the old ice cream shop.”

Anand consulted with his wife and business partner Doris Saha and their Pastry Chef Lynn Perlenfein (both pictured below) and soon the concept for the Vienna Ice Café was born.

The new shop is being described as “creative and European, set in an family friendly ambiance” according to Anand, and will feature ice creams and gelatos inspired by Mozart’s tortes and pastries.

“Imagine a Champagne Strawberry Roulade in our Pastry Shop menu rolled with a vanilla bean ice-cream or Chai Roulade with Chai cinnamon ice-cream,” he explained. “What we have is unusual, unique and extremely creative.”

The Sahas took a risk when they first launched Mozart’s Bakery, but were insistent upon pursuing their dream of opening a pastry shop. 16 years later and their hard work has continued to pay off.

“Back then it was tough for us to get ingredients such as mascarpone or ricotta or many of the different nuts that we use on a daily basis,” said Anand.

The launch of The Vienna Ice Cafe is expected to go much more smoothly. The Sahas have hired ice cream consultant D.J. Kourie, an industry expert who previously worked for G.D Ritzy’s.

The team at Mozart’s have always been strong supporters of local philanthropic efforts and community giving. They donate holiday pastries to local food banks, support fundraisers for neighborhood schools and work with a wide variety of other local nonprofit organizations.

The Vienna Ice cafe will open its doors on July 1st. Their hours are Tuesday through Sunday, 11am to 10pm. They will be closed on Mondays. “For my own sanity,” added Anand.

More information can be found online at ViennaIceCafe.com.

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  • ohiogirlie74

    Can’t wait!! So, the facebook link said “get your spoons ready,” and I totally had a light bulb: BYOS to an ice cream shoppe would be AWESOME! Like, maybe even for a $.50 discount? Think of all the plastic spoons we could spare! :o)

  • big Red

    Vienna Ice Ice, baby.  Too cold.  Too cold….

  • cbus11

    Sounds great!

  • DavidF

    Looking forward to trying this!

  • http://www.handcrafteddelights.com Anne

    the berry concoction looks awesome!

  • CycleJackson


  • http://www.sugardaddys.com mark@sugardaddys.com

    Congrats Anand, Doris, and Team!  Vienna Ice Cafe sounds great; can’t wait to try it.

  • lizless

    Congrats to the Mozart’s crew. I’m really looking forward to the opening!

  • cc

    Friday, July 1st ….check  :)

  • http://www.cova.org COVA

    Get a preview of Vienna’s chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry flavors at our Ice Cream Social on June 16th from 4–7:30 pm! Thank you Anand and Doris! It’s a free event for the community at our building at 3770 N. High. Check out all the attractions at http://www.cova.org/ICS-flier-2011.pdf

  • Roland

    I love the integration concept of combining pastries with ice cream. Every picture on the website looks downright amazing. The presentation is exceptional. I’ll have one of each!

    Ice Cream Capital of the World.

  • http://zpizza.com/locations/state/OH zp945

    I’m glad this opened so quickly and we weren’t left with an empty storefront.  I’m REALLY glad to have ice cream again within walking distance and this place looks like it will have quality desserts.

    All that said, I’m a little sad that it isn’t a full service place where I can grab a good beer and a bite.

  • http://zpizza.com/locations/state/OH zp945

    There’s paper up on the windows. Anyone know what’s going on? I knew they would be moving to the new location but didn’t think it would he this soon. Anyone know what will take its place?

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