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Urban Scrawl III Takes Place This Saturday

 Bob P
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If Franklinton founder Lucas Sullivant could travel 200 years into the future to see Urban Scrawl III, it might knock the powder out of his colonial wig. Skateboarding. Breakdancing. Vegan hot dogs. Hip Hop. Graffiti.

But all these artists share a common goal with Sullivant: creating a vibrant Franklinton.

Franklinton—long considered one of the most depressed areas of central Columbus—is beginning to show signs of life and color. And Urban Scrawl is a driving force behind that effort.

Murals and artwork from past Urban Scrawls have been hung on buildings around Franklinton, said Nikos Fyodor Rutkowski, Urban Scrawl founder and president of the Franklinton Arts District. The artwork creates an aesthetic counterpoint to the neighborhood’s blight, Rutkowski said.

“It adds color where there wasn’t any,” said Jim Sweeney, Executive Director of the Franklinton Development Association. “It’s amazing to see the changes. Hats off to Urban Scrawl.”

Urban Scrawl III, will be held from noon to 8 p.m. at Franklinton’s Dodge Park, 667 Sullivant Ave., on Sat. Aug. 29. The event will feature 30 prominent local artists working live; a skate boarding competition; breakdancers; food vendors; a beer truck; and live music from members of the Columbus Music Co-op.

The Boys & Girls Club of Columbus will sponsor a children’s art area. Pabst beer will be served alongside local food vendors including Rad Dog!, Pattycake Vegan Bakery, Lucky Ladle, Little Darlin’ Cupcakes, and the La Guaguita taco truck.

Parking is free. The music is free. But you have to pay for the food and beer.

Artists participating in Urban Scrawl III include:

  • Adam Crum
  • Derek Stewart
  • Adam Brouillette
  • Dan Olsen
  • Huevan Cox
  • Laura Alexander
  • Michael Bush
  • Nikos Fyodor Rutkowski
  • Coreroc
  • Craig Dansfield
  • Andrew Lundberg
  • David Dennison
  • Joey Monsoon
  • O.J. Hays

Columbus Music Co-op members playing Urban Scrawl III include:

  • Marvin the Robot
  • Shin Tower Music
  • The Couchforts
  • The Phantods
  • The Jellyhearts
  • Main Street Gospel
  • The Bosniaks
  • Sinatra
  • Deerhead

Sponsors for the third annual Urban Scrawl include United Way of Central Ohio, The Columbus Foundation, PBR, Blick, Columbus Music Co-op, and Franklinton Development Association.

More information can be found online at www.FranklintonArtsDistrict.org.

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  • how did the music groups apply? or was it just that they are involved in the co op so they got chosen? just curious.

  • Bob P

    Not sure, but Nikos might be able to answer that. He should be there tomorrow all day.

  • somertimeoh

    The co-op ladies post on here.  You could send them a PM or http://www.columbusmusiccoop.org/about/

    Can’t wait for tomorrow!

  • the music is a mixture of bands submitted to play and through the cmc music committee. :)

  • also, to clarify from that article, we don’t have “members.” the co-op is for all local musicians and lovers of local music.

  • Pedal Instead will be there providing free bike parking. 

  • JimSweeney

    be sure to pick=up your “FTON” bumper stickers!!

  • weather is looking good! cant wait!!

  • misskitty

    YAY !! dam I am excited

  • You can still volunteer. I’ll be helping out with the take down.

  • kessler

    How do you volunteer? I looked at the pedal instead web and didn’t see it even listed?
    so confused. I will prob. just show up and do my thing, then check with the pedal instead booth and see if they need any volunteers. So let whoever knows that I’m willing and will check in there.

  • Just shoot Catherine an email and let her know when you can show up. 

  • kessler we can use some volunteers.

  • americancanvas

    Perfect weather ! WOW just woke up and you’d never know it stormed . YEAH, better drink more coffee, must get Josh Direen’s paint to him since his bike will not carry it all, see you all there!

  • kessler

    I have to take a quick nap, then I’ll stop down,
    LOTW can you shoot me her email address via pm.
    If you don’t get this before I leave I’ll just show up and ask who what? ;-)

  • it was amazing yesterday!

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