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Unique Italian Village Building Changes Hands, Restaurant a Possibility

Brent Warren Brent Warren Unique Italian Village Building Changes Hands, Restaurant a PossibilityPhoto by Brent Warren.
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A new owner controls the northwest corner of Summit Street and East Third Avenue in Italian Village. Fans of the unique century-old building on the lot needn’t worry about it getting torn down, though.

“We don’t have concrete plans yet — the tenant just moved out — but we think that it’d be perfect for a bar, a restaurant or a brew pub,” said Michael Linsker, a partner in the new ownership group and a broker with NorthSteppe Realty.

Linsker and his partners, under the name 1041 Summit LLC, paid $685,000 for the 3,200 square foot building, according to the Franklin County Auditor’s site. He said they hope to identify a user before committing to any specific renovation plan.

Reliable Advertising, which occupied the building for years, has moved its operations to a more affordable spot on East Fifth Avenue. Also occupying the building at one time was a law office, but its past as an auto repair shop is obvious – from the traditional pitched roof to the holes in the floor marking where hydraulic lifts once stood.

“The interior space is very unique, it’s got a lot of character and integrity,” said Linsker, adding that he has already shown it to two potential tenants.

NorthSteppe also recently purchased a small cluster of buildings in the Brewery District that includes the R & R Bait shop on South Front Street. Linsker said don’t expect any changes to those building until R & R’s lease is up in the fall (and he clarified that no decision has been made by the owners of the bait shop on its future).

All photos by Brent Warren.








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  • lbl

    a 24 hr bakery / dount shop is what this building needs. (or maybe its what I really need)

    • Stephen Francis

      I second that motion.

  • Melinda Talbot

    Yeah, cause that’s what we need. Another restaurant or bar to add to the over saturated collection of such in Italian Village now. Why can’t it be some other type of small business? Honest to God, people. Think outside the box.

    • Stephen Francis

      No one is saying it can’t be. It would certainly be welcomed, but I think myself and lbl are leaning toward an expansion of 24 hour options in the fastest growing parts of the city. If someone wants to bring back Bink Davies or take that addition and put a greenhouse roof on it and bring back Flora or another garden center, absolutely welcomed. I would very much love a garden center type store there. That would probably be my number 1 choice. But if the owners are gearing toward a restaurant, then a 24 hour style diner/cheap eats place would be my preference over another higher end, fancified, gastropub, etc. Of course, if it’s another brewery, that’s not bad either IMO.

      Also, it’s a bit too early to claim italian village as over saturated. If you’re including the Short North in that equation, possibly, but I would say that Italian Village is hardly over saturated particularly when it will be expecting thousands of new residents in the coming years.

      • Bunny VonTussle

        I seriously doubt that the rent on this space will be conducive to operating a 24 hr greasy spoon here. I live about a block from this location and wouldn’t want one there anyway. Go to a TeeJays at 3am and you will understand why.

        • Stephen Francis

          I cannot speak for TeeJays, but I can speak for some other round the clock establishments here and other cities and I would venture to guess it’s about location, accessibility, and parking that attracts any particular crowd. Your nighttime crowd at Jack and Benny’s downtown is different from your South High Buckeye Donuts or your Morse Road TeeJays or your Easton Steak and Shake, etc. What kind of crowd this would be should it be 24 hour type place, can’t guarantee, but I would venture to guess it would be different from a TeeJays crowd.

          • Bunny VonTussle

            Nobody loves a greasy spoon more than me. I was also a bartender for decades, and all I am trying to say here is that I don’t want an establishment that caters to the after bar crowd practically in my back yard. This is a great space, which I have eyed for years in the hopes that someone would put something cool there. I hope someone does.

    • Pete

      What do you suggest?

    • spshafer

      Totally agree.

  • smegs

    Blocks bagels

  • Kathi Hess

    Pls not another overpriced “trendy and
    groundbreaking” restaurant or brew pub with parking issues. Too much of that already in that general area.
    What about retail? Gallery space? Craft works?

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