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Trifecta: It’s Hockbasesoccerball Season!

Walker Evans Walker Evans
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Decisions, decisions. It’s that time of year when all three of our major and minor league sports teams are simultaneously competing, both against rival teams as well as each other for your attention and attendance. This year is particularly interesting with all three teams boasting exciting developments. The Blue Jackets have made it into the playoffs, and head back up against The Detroit Red Wings on Saturday for game two. The Columbus Clippers debut their brand new stadium on Saturday evening as they play their home opener with The Toledo Mud Hens. And while The Crew has the weekend off, they’re still the defending national champions after winning the MLS Cup last year.

If you had to pick just one home team to root for… which one would it be?

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  • Don’t forget the Buckeyes Spring Game, next Saturday the 25th.

  • Sorry, I was just posting up professional sports. ;)

  • JRemy

    The Blue Jackets, definitely!

  • I like the Clippers logo a lot. First time I’ve seen it. The Crew logo.. Hmm, better to keep quiet.

  • I think the Crew have always had the same logo… the Clippers is new this year, and CBJ’s logo is still relatively new.

    Could be time for the Crew to get a refresh. ;)

  • mc5

    I cannot choose only one. They all represent Columbus! I choose all three. 

    Spring is my favorite time of year!

  • schakett6

    Columbus also has another professional team that is overlooked. The Columbus Comets, a member of the Women’s Football Alliance, had their home opener on Saturday, April 18 at 7pm in Grove City. They won 49-0 against the Pittsburgh Force. This is FULL CONTACT women’s football, not flag or touch. The next home game is Saturday, May 2 @ 7pm against the Cincinnati Sizzle, who’s head coach is Ickey Woods. Come out and support these hard working woment who play for the love of the game. Check out their website at http://www.columbuscomets.com.

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