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Treat to Try: Pistacia Vera’s Plum Berry Pistachio Frangipan

Anne Evans Anne Evans Treat to Try: Pistacia Vera’s Plum Berry Pistachio Frangipan
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This afternoon I stopped in one of my favorite places in Columbus, Pistacia Vera. They were pretty busy at 1:30 on a Saturday, but had lots of beautiful desserts to choose from. I usually go in for their colorful and delicious macarons (so great for parties!) but chose something else this time. The server said that the Plum Berry Pistachio Frangipan debuted last week so I gave this new dessert a try.

It’s layers of pistachio frangipan, berry chambord preserve and fresh plums atop a shortbread crust and served cold. Sold by the slice ($5) or as a whole ($35). The slices of fresh plum look beautiful and taste sweet, the sweetness of the berry chambord preserve is balanced with the creamy pistachio frangipan, and the shortbread is light and buttery, although it gets a bit dry and crumbly toward the edge. You will probably want to have a drink with this. All together, it’s a beautiful and complex dessert where each component shines. Would definitely be a win at your next dinner party. If getting a slice, I’d recommend that it is a single portion.

Pistacia Vera is located in German Village at 541 South 3rd Street Columbus, OH 43215. Open daily from 7am to 7pm. Like them on Facebook.

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  • buckette13

    looks like a really small portion for $5

  • The picture is pretty close to exactly how big it is. $5 might seem like a lot, but it is pretty decadent and has lots of ingredients. I think the taste/price to the ‘can I make it at home?’ ratio is not bad. Pistacia Vera makes (and sells) the berry chambord preserves in house.

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