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Treat to Try: John Eagle Chocolates

Miriam Bowers Abbott Miriam Bowers Abbott Treat to Try: John Eagle Chocolates
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John Eagle Candies has been operating in Beechwold since 1946. It sits in a squat little building, right on High street.

While the candy stores at the malls are palatial with floor-to-ceiling displays of packaged things, and barrels into which little kids plunge their sticky hands, John Eagle keeps it modestly old school. At the heart of it, the store has one long counter, inside that counter are displays of the chocolates and candies made in the store.

The test drive starts with something called an Eaglette. It’s a mound of milk chocolate that covers pecans and caramel (that’s right, it’s a turtle with a cute name). At first bite, it’s impossible not to appreciate the meltiness of the chocolate. In a world where Butterfinger has switched to fake chocolate coatings, and big candy makers like to stabilize their chocolates with wax additives, Eagle’s commitment to unadulterated chocolate stands out.

All that real chocolate does the job of holding the pecans together in the Eaglette, leaving the caramel as an accent player to shake things up.

The candy counter at John Eagle also holds the seldom-seen chocolate-covered honeycombs. Honeycomb is an airy confection, a crispy cousin to a brittle or toffee that sticks in your teeth. It’s sold in tidy little milk or dark chocolate rectangles.

One fun, proprietary option (and the favorite in this trial), is the peanut cluster. It’s more than just peanuts and chocolate. Instead, the peanut cluster is a small round chocolate-covered cream, with a crown of chocolate-covered peanuts on top. It’s got a special contrast going: the cream oozes soft sweetness, while the peanuts give it texture (and seemingly, a little salt).

There’s also options for modern tastes: guests can score chocolate-covered graham crackers or peanut brittle spiked with bacon from John Eagle.

You can find the candy store at 4590 N. High Street.

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  • geary@acm.org

    I miss the chocolate covered potato chips they used to sell.

  • Ezmerelda74

    John Eagle is THE candy shop of my life. My dad always went there to get mom and I a heart shaped box of candies every Valentine’s Day (mom’s was always bigger), and we always stopped on our way out of town to pick up Grand-Grands a box of chocolates when we visited her in the nursing home. It is really a simple store-front, and when you come in these days it can seem underwhelming given our big box atrocities, but for what John Eagle doesn’t have in pizzazz, they have in quality! You cannot go wrong with a gift from John Eagle. I promise!

  • Jennifer3600

    We’re proud to carry Eagle Family Candy at Weiland’s Market, including their Eaglettes and Bacon Peanut Brittle (plus regular Peanut Brittle, various flavors of Fudge, and boxes of Chocolate Covered Cherries, Caramels, and Eaglettes)!

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