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Transit Columbus Launches Advocacy Group for Public Transportation

Walker Evans Walker Evans Transit Columbus Launches Advocacy Group for Public Transportation
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Transit Columbus publicly launched their advocacy group yesterday, and plan to serve as a voice for a regional, multi-model public transportation network in Central Ohio. Their focus includes buses, light rail, passenger rail, bicycle and pedestrian options and alternatives.

“As Columbus celebrates its bicentennial, our region is on the verge of becoming one of the nation’s premiere metropolitan centers,” said Eric Davies, board chair of Transit Columbus. “The missing piece is a truly diverse public transportation system to serve all of Central Ohio’s citizens, visitors and businesses.”

Transit Columbus first formed as a nonprofit in 2011 to champion public transportation efforts, which the group states will improve the safety, health, environment and economic vitality of the region.

“We also want to be a voice for the idea of ‘complete streets’ – with transit infrastructure as a priority – to support smart growth in our neighborhoods that make our streets pedestrian, transit, and bicycle friendly,” added Davies.

More information can be found online at www.TransitColumbus.org.

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  • Asch

    Love it! They need to get a FB & Twitter though, I know that even if I bookmark that site, I’ll never remember to go back and check up on them, I never actually use my bookmarks…

  • Elissa

    Asch. Yes! We will soon! Working on it…Will post here when we have all set up. Plus a blog coming soon too, so you can put us in your RSS or reader feeds.

  • Andrew Hall

    I have a fair degree of sympathy for the ends of groups like this, but …
    mass transit =/ public transit.

  • CalebR

    Hopefully, our government (state and local) will all work together to get projects done.

  • Alternative transit modes supported
    Highway delays might spur discussion
    By Robert Vitale
    The Columbus Dispatch Saturday February 18, 2012
    READ: http://www.dispatch.com/content/stories/local/2012/02/18/alternative-transit-modes-supported.html

  • cbuster

    New article up on the Transit Columbus site (which is now set up with an RSS);


    Look for more regular updates in the future, and please check us out also on Facebook and Twitter!

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