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Tom & Chee Coming Soon to Pickerington & Hilliard

Ayana Wilson Ayana Wilson Tom & Chee Coming Soon to Pickerington & Hilliard
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After overwhelming online demand from Columbus visitors, what’s being called “the ultimate grilled cheese experience” is finally coming to town. Tom & Chee, a Cincinnati-based company whose success can be best described as overnight, is poised to open two locations in the city this year.

Tom & Chee has garnered national recognition primarily for one insane dish: the Grilled Cheese Donut – cheddar cheese (or customer’s choice) lovingly melted between an inverted glazed doughnut. This kind of out-the-box thinking launched Tom & Chee, who now franchises faster than you can say, “What? A doughnut?”

Ron Freeman is the man responsible for bringing the Tom & Chee brand to Columbus, and he will open the first store this April in Pickerington, at the corners of OH 256 and OH 204, in front of Marcus Theaters. The 2,100 square feet eatery, which will not serve alcohol, will seat roughly 70 at a time, and carry pretty much the same Tom & Chee menu found at the original.

This includes Fancy Grilled Cheese sandwiches, like the Hippy Chee with hummus, cucumbers, mixed greens, tomato, and cheddar on wheat, Grilled Cheese + Potato Chips sandwiches, like the 3 Little Pigs, with spicy pork rinds, ham, bacon, swiss, and cheddar, and even dessert – the Smore is chocolate, marshmallow, graham crackers, and mascarpone cheese served up in a doughnut.

Tom & Chee is also a tomato soup shop, offering at least three variations on grilled cheese’s best friend: Classic, Chunky w/basil, and Creamy w/basil. They serve other soups as well. A grinder at Tom & Chee should only set customers back $4 – $6, and can be made with gluten-free bread and vegan cheese by request.

The kitchen staff at every Tom & Chee roast their own meat on site, as well as make all the dressings, sauces, and spreads that top their hedonistic hoagies, including a basil pesto with sunflower seeds in consideration of those with nut allergies. They take the time to cater to the guest in order to create the best grilled cheese experience ever.

“We go the extra mile to serve all our customers food that’s awesome and fresh,” shares Freeman about the brand. “Columbus is a foodie city, and offering an American comfort food that brings back childhood memories is a great fit for Columbus.”

Tom & Chee will be open Sunday-Thursday, 10am – 9pm, and Friday-Saturday, 10am – 10pm. Tom & Chee will open their second Central Ohio shop in mid-May in Hilliard, at 1840 Hilliard-Rome Road, at the site of a former Ruby Tuesday restaurant.

For more on the Tom & Chee experience, visit www.tomandchee.com.

Photos via Tom & Chee.

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  • Achekov

    Between Melt, Cheesey Truck, and Gooeyz, I was sort of thinking that the grilled cheese thing may have run its course. I guess I was wrong!

  • Yeah, but with the removal of Grilled Cheese Mondays at Bodega there should be a new wave of demand out there. ;)

  • ricospaz

    I had a Golden Eagle at the Red Door tavern for lunch today. I’ll never get tired of grilled cheese. Keeping the price down is key.

  • Eugene_C

    ricozpaz has the idea. The whole idea of ‘gourmet grilled cheese’ is kind of funny. Back in college you got the grilled cheese because it was the cheapest thing on the menu. I’ve always liked something extra in my grilled cheese though, like tomato or pickle or peppers or something like that, but it doesn’t need to be 5 inches thick and it shouldn’t push the price of your dinner up to $12 like some places.

  • gmcsoccer

    this would be great on S High or Front streets.

  • Ned23

    @gmsoccer: Yes it would be great there or downtown or even on North High St. I hope that they do well enough in the suburbs to consider opening more locations in town. It looks really good but we don’t really get out to Pickerington or Hilliard that often. I may have to squeeze in at least one trip with a gluten-free eater, though. I already forwarded this to her.

  • AugieDog

    Gibby’s on Front used to have a great grilled cheese sandwich. Maybe this will capture something we lost. I miss Gibby’s, haven’t thought of it in a long time. Glad a mention of grilled cheese triggered a fond memory.

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